It finally happened. I was asked for printer support. By my brother for his Linux laptop.
I don't know how I should feel about that.

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    Throw it out buy a new one. This is the way.
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    Drivers are easily available for Linux too aren't they ?🤔
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    I helped convert someone to Linux. They were mad at me because they couldn't just hook up a printer and it "just worked". Zero desire to learn anything. They put windows back on and that ended me helping them. Worked out better for both parties.
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    @shakur Printer dependant. Especially older models from some vendors can be cumbersome.
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    @sbiewald To be fair printer drivers (especially for older models) can be a cumbersome (nightmarish) on Windows as well. "Uncaught exception on everything but 32bit Windows ME"
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    This was 15 to 20 years ago. I don't help people "linux" anymore. More trouble than it is worth.
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    Make him install proper OS.
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    never had problems with printers on Ubuntu MATE (even when at friend's). The printers i tested, did print normally, even though one of them didn't on Win 8/10. My dad still needs to use his ancient win7 laptop, if he wants to print stuff.

    Scanning shit didn't work properly though, idk if that changed in Ubuntu 20, or i'm just missing something
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