You know I used to always think machines are stupid.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can never beat humans.

I hated fancy tech and companies like Google thinking they did bad stuff.

My mindset was very different back in 2013 to 2016 (my first stint at devRant).

Over the years and countless experiences with humans and tech, today I am a very different person.


There is no match to Natural Stupidity.

Now that I am promoted and have to herd sheeps, I realised how much dumb humans are.

The attention to details is something that doesn't exist along with the ability to listen and understand their basic task.

Rather these morons are egoistic who not only back answer with intention to insult you.

They absolutely overlook the fact that you are talking in their favour and benefit.

Now I value the accurate and timely delivery of a machine without much cost and efforts to setup.

Here I spend 3 fucking days to explain a simple Apple to Apple task and no deliveries at all. Dafaq do you expect me to do here? Why shouldn't I employ a robot and let you starve when you bring no skills to table and crib like a baby when I give you an honest feedback?

I agree some companies are bad. I agree there are good and skilled people. I agree exceptions are there everywhere.

But the fact that majority is just stinking waste makes me wonder how did humans evolve and survive so many years.

Average IQ is less than that of a Avocado.

Media has romanticised fancy tech and stupid Instagram trends which makes you wonder why are progressing as human race.

At times, it's better to not do things at all then do it wrong.

At times, the world doesn't deserve good.

In the end, everything is just as stupid as you and me.

And it doesn't even matter.

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    Most have absolutely no basic or survival job skill and expect life luxuries that of Elon Musk (why is that retard glorified is beyond me).

    Everyone wants just easy money.
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    Does your company have a policy of only hiring people younger than 40 (even if illegal some companies do this)? Or does your company have a policy of only hiring people with a degree? I am curious of where you are getting your people from.
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    @Floydimus you are right man
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    @Floydimus I feel you on a spiritual level only attained by the likes of Lutee-san (@rutee07) and Coddy (@C0D4)
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    @Jilano you are right man
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    @Jilano The fuck, you still have a spirit? Didn't I break it a long time ago? Maybe I should try harder.
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    @Demolishun I work for a top brand (old friends here know).

    However, not only at work but I am working on a side project and I got some dumb people with me.

    To answer your question, no my company doesn't follow the age rule but degree thing? Yes. No freshers off campus.
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    @Jilano hahahaha yes yes. Got into spiritual philosophy lately (eastern side)

    @rutee07 my old pal :)
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    Nobody gives a fuck if you know more then reverse binary tree and look good and young, agree to everything and smiling of course. Smiling is 90% chance for success.
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    @vane and that is scarily true...
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    @Floydimus @Jilano exactly
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    Welcome to reality.
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    @Root honestly, after years of development, I am back to Nihilistic outlook but just more mature towards it.
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    Honestly, with people accepting blindly what is taught to them through schools, media, social, etc it does not surprise me. It seems to me that there is this idea of "this is how it is" vs "figure it out". I see that when people push agendas all the time. There is also a hazard for disagreeing with the masses. So it is safer to go along and not think for yourself.

    In myself I have always had a dislike of the "official story". This causes me to question and figure things out. Other times I have trusted people and been burned. This experience further causes me to question the status quo, but also the persons pushing that status quo. I guess this is not a normal thing.
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    @Demolishun It isn’t normal, but it should be. Every time I trust people not to be awful, I end up getting hurt or attacked or screwed over.

    People seem to follow the path of least resistance and just accept whatever they’re told, or whoever yells the loudest. Even if it doesn’t make sense. I suppose if people don’t put in any mental effort, they know they are probably missing something, and so ignore any contradictions in what they’re told to believe.

    But they often aren’t physically lazy — they’ll gladly go out of their way to attack whomever doesn’t hold the same beliefs and worldview. It’s bewildering.
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    @Demolishun Also what’s disturbing is that the very people who preach non-violence are the most violent. The same goes for honesty, inclusivity, bias, overt racism, authoritarianism, corruption, etc. It’s as if they accuse the world of their own shortcomings and transgressions.
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    @Root Projection - if a political party is blaming everyone else for something it is very likely that party is engaging in that something. I see this over and over and over again.

    The other problem is people don't recognize indoctrination. 20 years ago I saw this pattern over and over on CNN during "interviews":

    1. Ask a question.

    2. Make an emotional statement (Like, "Many children were killed.")

    3. Proceed to answer the question giving the official "party line" of CNN.

    They would never let the person they interviewed hardly speak at all. Now they are pulling this shit in congress. The sad part is people believe this shit.
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    @Demolishun Agreed.
    And speaking of indoctrination, there are many many more liberal professors (and elementary teachers) than conservative ones — and administrators as well. And the worst part: the liberals tend to run out the non-liberals, meaning the only things schools end up teaching our children are the liberal values and perspectives.
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    Google wasted 60 million dollars to beat a fucking chess player. I mean they are so big on Propaganda and hide real facts. There is a some guy and no one understand him not even top PHds, NY Times did article and I think he may have path to true AI someday.
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    @Floydimus I see you have levelled up professionally, and exited your bubble of "everything is awesome"

    think LEGO movie song - actually... that's probably the most accurate analogy I've ever used and I haven't even had coffee yet.

    But anyway that change of mindset, it's rather enlightening and depressing at the same time.
    You see the world in a different view and see that bubble everyone else is still in, and you can spot the useless piles of shit inside that bubble quickly and accurately.

    Welcome to the next level.
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    @C0D4 Fucker, I just lost The Game...
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    @C0D4 Favorite comment
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    @C0D4 Hahaha wowww!!! Thanks..

    Yes, the change is reflecting and just yesterday I was going through our Telegram chat (when we last spoke a year or two ago) and figured how much things changed.

    I myself realised that change in me is evident and yes, this next level is kind of neutral thing where it is good and bad, both.

    Fun part is, I am fully aware about both the sides and yet bet neutral and do stuff that matters.

    Is this what spiritual enlightenment is?
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    @Floydimus Yes. It’s a step.
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    @Floydimus Coincidentally, it's also what happens when you take both the red and blue pill!
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    Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth...there is no spoon. Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

    There is no spoon.
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    @Floydimus Too late! I've already tried bending the spoon that doesn't exist
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    I tire of the people posting questions that a well placed google search would solve. I see these fucking low effort posts all the time. I realize googling itself is a skill, but you have to exercise that fucking skill people!

    So yeah, my faith in humanity diminishes from post to post.
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    @Demolishun word.

    For last few months, I have been preaching this that Googling itself is the biggest skill and when looking for things, one must know where to look.

    And that's why they created LMGTFY

    This entire topic deserves a dedicated post for itself.
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    The avocado comment made the post.

    The true art of getting by is learning to get even by not caring at all. Like a hungry lion, or a sea sponge, little more than nerves or fluff, there are many people who, for lack of modern convenience, would be *eaten alive* by their own, not out of starvation, but by the clash of egos.

    It's mostly a 'them' thing, rather than a 'you' thing, and therefore you can aid them and do your part in their recovery by not feeding into their bullshit at all.

    Unlike the art of zen, the not-so-subtle art of not caring is an easy technique. The crouching tiger, hidden asshole leaps with joy to quip "but did I ask?" and "but do I care?"

    And the answer, like the sound of one hand clapping, is silence.
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    @Wisecrack whoaaa favourite comment.

    Nicely put that I should stop giving a fuck.
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    @Floydimus No really, stop giving a fuck. Don't just read the advice, practice it.

    The best way I've found is not to state it outright, but to be passive about it. Like pushing against a large grey boulder, or trying to convince an implacable bureaucrat intent on converting you into a borg because you forgot to file form xyzzy while pleading for your human rights at the department of motor vehicles. Things like "thats nice", and "alright then", or my favorite "oakalee doaklee bob."

    Not that their names are ever bob, but the important thing to remember is to *forget them*, so they know, in no uncertain terms, they and their opinions are absolutely, utterly, and completely, unimportant to you. Like so many cogs in a a rube goldberg machine, but built in hell, or moldova, whichever is more apathetic about others suffering.

    Practice makes perfect. You are what you do. And if you do it enough, you too can become, tada!, an unfeeling asshole.

    Don't let your dreams be dreams.
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    @Wisecrack well I do that.

    The issue here is, I am building this side project and all I have is majority who is absolute nut.

    I cannot ignore them. And I always had this philosophy about my project that either I'll do it right or not do it at all.

    So I am planning to ramp down and reconsider who can participate and who not.

    Just because I am thirsty, I will not drink poison.
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    @Floydimus every project needs a benevolent dictator.

    Tend to it with the love (and iron fist) that only a ruthless dictator can truly claim in the pursuit of the highest good...*whether anyone likes it or not*.
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    @Wisecrack trying to do that.

    Now I understand why Steve Job achieved success but behind the closed doors he was so ruthless and scared of.

    It is said that grown men have been seen crying and covering their face when they walked out of his office.

    One has to know when to be kind and when to be a dick.
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    @Floydimus Or ideally, not merely kind or a dick, but the ability to be both at the same time! Kinda a dick.
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    @Wisecrack kind-a-dick.

    New life motto now xd
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    If you set up a machine to do a cognitive task like detecting faces or reverse engineering the human genome, it'll do that task to near perfection. A thousand clones of that machine will each do that task to near perfection.

    Whereas with humans, most of our intellectual prowess comes from a really small portion of the population. That small percent of smart people can eventually outdo the machines as well, but then the rest of the majority of the population is dumb.

    In both the cases, the distribution is very different.
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    @alcatraz627 that small portion is smart and intelligent enough to have their own ideas rolling out and won't work on mundane tasks.

    That 80/20 rule is applicable everywhere it seems.
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    Thanks to my health issues, I learned one important lesson:

    Choking on your emotions and "being polite" eats your soul - respect includes honesty, so a "Can we please raise the combined IQ above room temperature?!" is imho better than beating around the bush and getting even more frustrated.

    I can - since I don't work with anyone of ya - not know how you behave at work...

    But more than often I realized that especially dumb fuckwads can only exist as noone puts a spotlight on their existence.

    It's this "we're at work we must kiss each others arses and hug it out" mentality that I really really really hate. Since it's usually the number one stress factor.

    I'm not pro insulting people.

    But negative things must be communicated clearly.
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    @IntrusionCM yes. I do that and make sure the spotlight is on the idiots.
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