I don't get it. Is there a human that sits and unsubscribes each user manually?

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    Yes, that unsubscribe just sent an email to someone to remove you from a excel spreadsheet.
    That same excel spreadsheet is used as a mail merge.
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    And by remove, they mean "mail you every day from now on."
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    Server data crash, putting in a backup from before unsubscribing, there you go.
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    @C0D4 Is this the same spreadsheet where we write notes on mean clients or have I been using the wrong one all this time?
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    @Jilano does the file name end with „-01“ or with „-0l“?
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    sounds about like guy at reva-whatever texting me the other day claiming that they had "lost" the online assessment I took well over 4 months ago and asking if I still wanted to move to virginia.

    It was all I could do not to text him back and ask if he was sure they'd still remember where the company was by the time I packed and got up there 🙄
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    *whistles as I realise I implemented a similar solution that requires manual adding and removing of users to groups*

    😂 There may be a valid reason for their system being wack. I do hope they're working hard to fix it and make it automatic though, especially seeing as it's a standard feature in many bewsletter mail type services
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    @Elyz just as long as they keep someone on staff to remember how the automation works and not just tell their users to just keep checking the box and eventually maybe the right thing will happen.
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    @M1sf3t haha for reals 🤷 having people on staff that knows how shit works is generally always a good idea I feel
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    @Elyz it would be nice if someone mentioned that to mississippi's dor next time they try to get tech-high.
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    @M1sf3t tell them they can subscribe to my mail list for pro tips like that.
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    @Elyz I'll be sure to mention it in the morning when it doesn't work again and I call to yell at them some more 😅
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    @Jilano yep, that's the right one! Just make sure to not upload columns G to L 🙃
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    @010001111 Yes.

    @C0D4 I'll do my best, but can't promise anything
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    @Fast-Nop I highly doubt anyone would run single instance in production, but Kudos to them if they do and have thought through it when creating this page
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    You should check out this tweet from a dude that works in a bank on that topic. It's amazing

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    @N0ps We... We don't have the same definition of amazing. I can't imagine finding that shit out where you work.

    With proper planning it would probably take less than their unsubscribe period to change the entire system.
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