My human is coming back tomorrow, finally. I've been organizing things around my unit especially my workspace so I don't get tempted to do "other things" while he's here. I have a desk that I only use when playing computer games. When I work, I just slack on the sofa naked like a homeless exhibitionist loitering in random people's garage.

Now my workspace looks like an actual workspace. Organizing cables was the best part especially when I imagine them being the intestines of all the people that pissed me off. Some of them are so thick, they wiggle. Then I clip them to corners like hidden Christmas lights. How fun would it be to stick LED strips or mount tiny light bulbs inside them? Merry Christmas! Let me create the Jira issue for this task, it would be Epic, so many Stories to tell so Sprint to my workspace, kids! Ba dum tss! *cringe*

Then I sit down in my workspace, talk to my rubber ducky to help me with some bugs except the rubber ducky is the head of the final boss and the bugs are gathering all over his face. Ew, Bill, have some manners.

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