Interview: Sort binary tree
Job: Manually update csv files

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    That’s why I just stand up and leave, when I hear such interviewer „challenges“
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    @010001111 i take the hardcore route, I finish them and then ask them if they will really ask me anything remotely related to the tech they are using or if they are willing to discuss business code with me to see if i am interested or not. Most of the time I end with 0.o looks on them
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    Did you at least sort the CSV content using a binary tree?
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    @010001111 what if there would be a following practice task. Please write an function which allocates first free address space with requested prefix length from( both ipv4 and ipv6 should be supported) subnet and keeping state of already allocated networks and their relation to eachother. Return allocated subnet in CIDR format
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    Sorry I make Website I don’t work at Cisco @Avimelekh
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    The interview process is so broken
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    They interview you for a damn truck to work on a racing car ...
    Yeah interviews suck...
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