Please help

It's warmer outside than in my laptop's CPU

I'm dying

Send air conditioning

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    Sending cool vibes.
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    You could get conditioned air from Perri-Air, or whatever crisps brand of your choosing 😁
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    Keep your face near the CPU fan
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    Here's some cool air for you.
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    Here’s the “weather” (heat) here, in C:
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    @Root I would be digging a hole and stay under ground :)

    I have experience temps like that once in Greece and hope I never have to again. I am not designed for high temps.
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    Apple literally puts min and max room temperature requirements for using Macbooks.
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    @Root I think it's about this inside for me, i can hardly focus 😅
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    A trick that works for me sometimes but doesn't last long is:

    Spray/splash some water over your face and stand in front of a fan.
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    @Root I just hate these temperatures. We have it here every year, with 60~70% humidity.

    It is only possible to sleep with air conditioner.
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