Before using redis: pshhh Ive made it this far without it

After using redis DB, pubsubs, and message brokering: how in the fuck did i ever get by without this ?

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    Wait til you discover Kafka 😋
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    I felt exactly like that when I learned typescript, recently.

    But also, it's kinda mind boggling for me to think how difficult it must have been before aws/ Google cloud/etc. Was that the value sun Microsystems provided; infra/servers for rent?

    And then why didn't sun become 'aws'?
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    Sun didn't become AWS because their product offering in terms of hardware was outclassed and outpriced by intel-based servers, and the cross-dc infra wasn't there yet to enable cloud offerings. The two competing models were you owned the dc, or you leased racks.

    Solaris didn't really compete with the Linux distros or other unix variants in terms of perf, and the sparc CPUs didn't perform as well under arbitrary load.

    I still have a sparc around here in storage with Solaris 5 on it, posterity.
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    @SortOfTested your ridiculously knowledgeable
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    @dUcKtYpEd @SortOfTested is one very stubborn old lady. *laughs* But yes, i was more than once awestruck about SortOfTested's knowledge, too.

    And the fun thing about your rant is: If it doesn't exist, create it.

    A whole lot of the concepts behind redis / message brokers existed / exist in closed source...

    When you were able to look at closed source stuff from the 1990s to 2010 plus you'd be amazed (and I guess heavily traumatized) how much old "frameworks" of companies actually invented / created due to lack of it existing (without a price).

    Heavily traumatized because from experience you'll need for most frameworks a few months to understand what is going where and how, since (sadly) most large internal frameworks are insanely shitty.
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    @letanque exactly!
    And it's sad that the only defense for not using it is either: "flexibility" (use as any if you really need to be flexible in a specific point) or "we don't want to make the project too complex" (uh-uh... Having variables which type you can only guess makes it less complex, right?)
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    Hahaha redis is a thing who do not use or know fear from it and those who use love it ...
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