Why the heck does PyCharm not evaluate their own variables like $PROJECT_DIR$ in the working dir of the runners config? Like wtf, i wanna run my program where my project is, why do you default to my home directory when i run stuff? Doesn't make sharing the runner config any easier either

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    That shouldn't be the case. The $project_dir var inits based on the presence of the .idea dir
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    @SortOfTested And it works when i use the Makefile plugin for example. There i can just write "$PROJECT_DIR$/Makefile", but on the other runner configs it does not work. On Python for example i tried "$PROJECT_DIR$/main.py" but Python then says "can't open file '$PROJECT_DIR$/main.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory". It evaluates the variable in the one config, but completely ignore it on the other. And when i try to add the variable into the "Working dir" field, i cant even run it, PyCharm itself complains that "$PROJECT_DIR$ is not a valid path". Its weird that it works for Makefile tho
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