Friend bought a 3D printer.
I had friend who bought a 3D printer before and all came to me for some tips so did this one.
He got also Auto leveling probe with his printer.
And when he saw that he has like 5 choices of auto bed leveling he went nuts.
I was big fan of bilineral leveling but i have switched to Unified Bed Leveling or UBL for short and never went back.
The options you have in there are crazy. Yes it takes time to set up properly but DAMN it is worth it.
Im gonna print PETG ?
Switch to PETG leveling profile.
Switch to PLA leveling profile.

Like if you arent using UBL go change that NOW.

I helped him set it up and he was amazed at how much better the adhesion got.

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    I assume you are using Marlin. I have a bed level sensor and I‘m using bilinear ABL. How can I create and manage ABL profiles for different materials?
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    @lastNick did you read the post ? UBL. It's the only way I know off. In slicer you can add gcode to load whichever leveling slot you want.
    That's the way to.do it.
    I have script set up that if temp of hotend is 235 and bed is 80 it will load second slot. Otherwise load first one.
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    @Haxk20 I will switch to UBL and have a look at the Marlin documentation
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    A piece of paper is all I need... Be it 3D printer or cnc :D
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    @GyroGearloose not when your bed is totally screwed and not flat. Then your paper won't help shit. I have -0.1mm in center of the bed and it sucked without bltouch.
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    Hahaha mine already came with over - 0.1 in the middle and never gave me problems. But lately I war it scratch on the first layers....
    My table is a little scratched to, due to a abs wire I got instead of PLA and took me days to find out why it was warping in every print...
    Of course I even used super glue, that I had to scratch off, but still prints good lol
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