All of a sudden my phone is no longer linking names to numbers, so when someone sends me something from 0118912374081234 and says "did you get my last message ?" I'm thinking, who the hell is that !

I've tried turning it off and on again..

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    Put your SD card out and restart.
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    Sounds like:

    You saved the numbers on your phone and it forgot them (internal sd)

    You restored (or updated) your phone and it didn’t sync the contacts yet (from cloud)

    At least that’s the use cases I’m aware of
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    Have you visited other country or changed country, that could mess prefix for country code and resulting in number not matching with saved contact. Happened with saved contacts for WhatsApp when changed country.
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    Fixed it by moving the contacts database from the SD card to the phones inbuilt memory.

    Slightly related link:


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    > messages. Any suggestions?
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