My mind seems to be a mess. I think it's stress related. I have really high anxiety and its making me make stupid mistakes.

For example I used instanceof to check the class in a number of places in code. Originally the class I was checking was a base class. Later on I decided to extend the class but I didn't change my instanceof's so they became always true. This went to prod and only was caught due to severe slowness on a part of the app. Failing PHP 101 seriously. I know how instanceof works just couldn't focus enough to catch my mistake.

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    Hm. Your last rants more or less we're about this topic.

    And about your yearly review, where you performed better than you expected.

    Maybe check if the following applies to you:

    Oversights, specially combined with low self esteem (your yearly review)… are a toxic combination.

    Because you are doubting yourself and focusing more on your inner critical voice, you sometimes run 100 km/h in the total wrong direction, instead of carefully reviewing what's actual happening.

    If that's what's happening, I'd highly rate you to slow down your process.

    Make more breaks. Start integrating a process workflow / ritualizing, so that you have a fixed time slot for reviewing your changes by yourself to assure that your work is on point.

    Because what you're experiencing is less about knowledge, but more because you're stressing yourself psychologically out. Which is dangerous for many reasons.
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    @IntrusionCM that's exactly what is happening. Thanks for the advice.
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