Getting wisdom teeth that haven't even grown yet removed is nooooot fun

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    I feel you, I had all 4 removed when like 2 weren't fully out and it was painful but at least it was done.
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    Got mine out a week ago, it was hell on Earth for no reason...
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    Why take them out ?

    Think of them as spare teeth when you lose one in the future, wham, it can fill that hole !

    I kept all of mine, and I even got an extra one too !

    Which is super handy since I've lost two teeth so far in 50 odd years.

    They can take forever to appear I notice, my last ones only appeared in my 40's !
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    I don't know how civilians do it when I was in the military i got a fuckload of drugs to numb The pain and still bitched about it
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    @Nanos mine was growing sideways and pushing all other teeth out, like @M1sf3t's situation
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    @AleCx04 it hurts later when the painkillers wear off
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    @M1sf3t i wa s drugged out of my mind for days mane, can barely remember the feeling.
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    @frogstair they indeed do. But I had enough painkillers to put a small elephant to sleep.
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    @M1sf3t a couple of hours after the removal I could not get off my bed because it hurts so much, even if I tilt my head it fells like I was hit by a hammer

    Still lying in bed
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    Maybe their mouths haven't grown bigger yet ?

    I noticed when I was in my 30's, that my upper jaw changed shape from round to elongated, it sort of stretched forward like an animals, giving a little more room at the back for another tooth or two.
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    Interesting I had one tooth knocked out, a few years later, and a replacement one grew nearby, sticking out a bit, but eventually wandered into position and fits fine now.

    At the time they wanted to remove my 'excess' and wisdom teeth, but my mum who is very bright and with tons of medical experience told them no, it wasn't necessary.

    The wisdom teeth hurt at times coming through, eg. months, but now they are all in position, don't hurt and its handy having spares !

    So she was right !
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    I remember when I had a tooth removed, went to sleep and when I woke up, I had a huge blood clot in my mouth !

    Lesson there, don't sleep much afterwards !

    And perhaps sleep sitting up..
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    @Nanos I slept for like 15 hours after the operation. Thankfully there was only a little bit of blood seeping from the scars, but it wasnt too bad.

    Maybe the difference is that the teeth were inside my jaw, growing sideways, they didnt even come out yet, and the dentist had to cut them all out
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