You ask a simple question, and someone answers with a URL to a podcast they have already listened to that is 30 minutes long..

Yeah, that's really nice, but what about a single one sentence text answer that doesn't take me another 29 minutes and 30 seconds to find the answer going the podcast route..

Also, text consumes a lot less internet bandwidth too !

Is this the new thing, answers to podcasts with no transcripts for quick answer finding..

And not telling people the answer in the first place !

I mean its great for reference.

Just, don't beat around the bush !

There's only 24 hours in each day, I can't spend all my time watching videos for a handful of answers that I should be able to digest in 5 minutes if they was written down !

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    I have never listened to podcasts looking for answers. More of a stress buster or a recreational activity
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    Next time they ask a question in a meeting, say "do you want the answer, or should i go through a 30 minute powerpoint that has 1 slide which is the answer and 30 minutes of filler?"
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    We're in the minority. There are apparently a minority of people, for whatever reason that can obtain knowledge through reading and experimentation
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    @SortOfTested You mean a minority of people that can read right?
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    They should at least give us the timestamp of the answer.
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    Yeah that's kinda a jerkish thing to do.
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    Related to that, why does every motherfucking thing have to be a motherfucking video these motherfucking days?!

    Like, I have no problem reading WORDS. Kinda dig it, actually. Has that become such a motherfucking burden to motherfucking people now?!
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    That's only useful if I can find the answer there.

    I usually look there first. :-)

    This particular question I've been looking for an answer since the last time I found the answer, which was 30 odd years ago. (It has changed since then..)
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    When I was in school, reading was just going out of fashion.

    Not so long ago I remember moving to a village and the wealthiest person in the village proudly showed me his big home.

    Which was hundreds of years old, and with big bookshelves.

    And one book..

    About the village..

    Then there was that dating profile I saw it said under hobbies and interests:


    I soon found out that the most they read was the "TV Guide" and anything more than a single line of text long, would worry them..

    And any words more than 4 to 5 letters, well, risky..

    This is perhaps why mobile phones are so popular, it can be all visual pictures and videos, and barely any text.
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    I did eventually listen to the podcast, and no, it didn't have the answer there !

    I got a reply back from the person when I asked if they could tell me the answer and their reply was:


    I think it wouldn't make sense out of context. And I'd not like to get it wrong.


    So, the next time someone doesn't want to tell you the answer out of a video/audio recording they have already listened it, it might be because it doesn't actually contain the answer and they just want you to waste your time and try to influence you with some political propaganda shit instead !
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