//Another 3D printer rant
So as many know im student.
And i have been 3D printing for years now.
And like 2 months ago i have decided to buy 3D touch (BLTouch shit clone).
BLTouch is like 40-50$
and 3D touch is 15$.
Yes its a clone but from what i heard the accuracy is not that bad really.
HEARD only.
I plug it in and try the accuracy test in marlin.
Standard deviation of 0.25mm
That is 1 freaking fucking layer.
Heck 0.05mm more then 1 layer.

So i read how it works.
OK its not that complicated.
Basically a hall sensor.
So i unscrewed the sensor and magnetized the screw and probe.
I put it together again but now with only 0.6mm gap between the screw and the top of the sensor. (Before it was really deep in there).

I try the accuracy test again. (Yes i have run the tests multiple times and got an average of them in the past tests and future tests too).
SD: 0.12mm.
Still horrible but better.

So i go around internet and i find one guy saying turn on debugging in marlin.
OK i mean i might just as well.
SD: 0.03mm
That is better then some old original BLTouch probes.

I hope to get BLTouch v3.1 in future but this will do for now i guess.

So would i recommed the shit cheap clones ?
They are unrealible pieces of shit and you have to spend hours upon hours to make them work properly and even then they wont get to the accuracy of new BLTouch.

Yes there is also the point that Z motor isnt really perfect either and 1/16 micro stepping is also shit and you cant go that precise.

Oh and while typing this the fucking shit probe decided it would be a great idea to fail and failed.
Resoulting in a deep hole in my printing bed.

So if you think the 15$ is a great value NO.
I have learnt my lesson.

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    lol, my tired brain couldn't finish reading this😅
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    Wait, 3d printers sell for tens of $$s? Not hundreds? Wow, TIL smth new :o

    I'm now even considering getting one :) as my kiddo keeps breaking his toys and SuperMoment is getting more and more expensive :/

    any recommendations?
    - printers themselves
    - software [linux]
    - links/KBs
    - tips/tricks
    - [anything else]

    I'm a caveman regd 3d printers :)
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    @netikras for serious stuff I would only consider building Prusa yourself and do not forget to upgrade the rods on the mk3. Their slicer also works under Linux.

    Other printers are unreliable time sinks when maintaining them and creatures from hell during the print process
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    @netikras no 3D printers don't cost 15$ or 50$.
    They cost around 200$.
    Bltouch is an accessory that you buy for it. That one costs 50$.
    So it's still an expensive hobby.
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    @patwie you could not be more wrong.
    I have 2 3D printers both are not prusa.
    Tevo tarantula which is 300$ printer that wasn't really nice and needed some upgrades.
    Then they released tevo tarantula Pro.
    This is 200$ printer.
    And it is one of the best printers money can buy at this point.
    Yes you have to build it yourself but all parts are metal and in the process of building you will at least learn how it works.
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    Btw... What's the distance you leave from the noozle to the table when leveling up? I'm doing arround 0.1.

    I have a 150€ pursa clone and is enough for me.
    For 30€ more can get a sensor that I don't recommend and doest work with marlin (marlin 9 point leveling will make it crach because the sensor is outside the table area on the right side)
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    @GyroGearloose there is no distance from the bed. You must just get good first layer. I adjusted it until I got it perfect.

    And I don't want to sound like asshole but you must have chosen a shitty printer then. I have my tevo tarantula pro. Which cost me 200€. No issues with it. I love the printer. Everything is metal just amazing printer.

    And if your probe is out of the bed then you must adjust offsets from probe to nozzle.
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    Ya, my brother got a tarantula and I understood my mistake.
    Well have this one now till it dies
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    Man, why don't you try another 3d print technology? For example, https://anisoprint.com/ continuous fiber 3D printing seems to be a great way for creating reliable and stong objects. By the way, anisoprinting is also used in the industrial complex.
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    @gelosig because i dont have multiple thousands of dollars to waste
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