You are working on a problem A (or learning or reading about some concept A), But a work comes and you have to use some concept/tool B in it.
since time is limited, you go about quickly reading the docs/samples , wind up a prototype, and it works. you then complete the work by polishing the prototype, and give back to boss, everyone's happy.

But now you are once again free and now have this thought that you don't completely know about the tool 'B'
(for more practicality, say A is something about how browser works, and B is about docker. you don't know much about either of them, but you were previously reading about browser working)
(for Android devs/ my real case , A = something about context, B= Gson )

would you rather go back to reading/ solving 'A' or would you now start reading in depth about 'B' ?

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    It depends.

    In your case, Gson really isn't that big a topic - you can probably learn all about it in a week or less, so I'd stick with that then tick it off the list then move to something else. (Though it's not as used these days as something like Jackson, so check that out too.)

    Generally, I'll pick one of:

    - Whichever is more interesting
    - Whichever is best for your career
    - Whichever is "up and coming" as opposed to "old and dying"
    - Whichever is fresh in my mind

    There's no hard and fast rule over what you should prioritise of course, but generally I find one of my possible "things to learn" fits in a lot of those categories.
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