Around 2 years ago:

Manager: What's the run time complexity on this algorithm for 100 vectors?

Me: Worst case its O(n^2)

Manager: That is unacceptable! Make it better!!

Me: Well *points at block diagram of another component*, this is way more than n^2, should focus on that instead.

Manager: Don't give excuses! N^2 is not acceptable.

It turned out my manager didn't really know about run time complexity and thought of it as how badly the code was written.

This was evident when after refactoring with deletion of 300+ LOC,

Manager: Nice! Now the complexity is low! Good work! 👍


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    Save Me from Idiots.
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    @magicMirror @sudocode Permission denied
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    @sudocode @stop
    wait a sec... let me try again.

    sudo Save Me From Idiots
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    Damn! The P-NP Problem could be solved quickly if the devs would just stop being lazy and write good code!
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    @stop It really shouldn’t be ☚ī¸
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    @Root Not if the <body> is 404.
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    @sudocode or the <head> 😊
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    @Root even without a <head> an dead <body> can be identified.
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    @stop I had meant that the murder of those with empty heads should be allowed. đŸ¤ĻđŸģ‍♀ī¸
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    This story sounds fake to me. A real manager would now expect you to quit your mumbo jumbo excuses and fix both algorithms with the highest priority

    when you say they cant both be highest priority, sports analogies and "giving 200%" manager logic ensues
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    @ArtOfBBQ Alright! Alright!! I am caught! I actually had to sacrifice half my blood to cthulhu and add the receipt to algo's jira card! Only then I was given my salary from an year ago and they let my younger sibling go freely...

    Tbh, he actually pushed refactoring in the middle of project WHILE requirements were still pouring in. Rest is in the rant. Its a horror anyway.
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    @sudocode I lol'd hard hahahaha wp sir wp
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    Sounds like he heard about cyclomatic complexity and thought it was the same as running time complexity and equated that to the general concept of complexity.

    I mean, I'm probably giving him too much credit but given my experiences, it's the most reasonable reason for him to think that.
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    I personally like to put extra effort to make code run with lowest time complexity. Of course, in the beginning, I got many readability complaints, but I've slowly learnt the balance over time.
    Also, one of my mentors used to write really meaningful comments, and that helps a lot.
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    HhahahahahahHHHHJdspfnemIebA mn enNRn Hmm
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