Client had a rule that the backup must finish successfully. I saw a bunch of empty backups in the green for the stuff our company was responsible for back then. I saw that the nfs folders got copied over empty as the folders were not mounted. Me: "You ppl do not have your databases backed up." Client :"Sure we do, look at the backup job status. It's all green." Me: "It's also 0MB in size." Client: " Must be good compression."
Me: "That must be it."

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    Your job is done. Make sure you have a written proof and you'll be good.
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    On so many levels.

    Ouuuch .....
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    The compression is so good, it stores the data in another dimension.
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    @thebiochemic It actually makes space. It's occupying negative space but the numbers only go as low as zero.
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    @OneOfSimpleMind it would be actually funny, if the file had been backupped onto NTFS and everything stored into the metadata of the file. It then should be 0 MB aswell, but 'size on disk' will be it's real size then, if i remember correctly.
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    It's not backup if it was never restored / tested
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    It successfully failed
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    I have asked for the backup guys (outsourced) to include a pre-backup script. It worked out fine in the end. Moral: never believe there is a backup until you test it.
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    Every DRP define a recurrent test of itself.
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    Most DRPs are plans to have one or to test it someday.
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    @AtuM hahaha was in a place where they had plans for if the building exploded but not if the internet went down. Which one you think happened first? 😂.
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