Put apk in the Repo to version control it.


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    Does that... work?
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    I does not think so.

    Why can't they just make the source code in their version control build able and just build it whenever they want a particular version.

    In their apk they could put the version number so they know which version they are working with.
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    @N00bPancakes it works, since vcs can save any kind of data, BUT its not effective or useful.
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    @stop exactly the reason why we told him to fuk off. And then he literally did cuz he got fired by the CTO.
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    I always put also the binaries under VCS because the first thing after checking out a repo or installing a toolchain is whether I can reproduce the binary.

    Guess what, I already had the case that it didn't match because they forgot to check in the IDE setting file, and that IDE auto-generated startup code from the project settings.

    That was fun to reverse engineer what the differing bits in the final binary even meant.
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    @Fast-Nop avoid committing binaries to git repos though as you will always carry every one of them with you if you want the history. With svn, I guess, it's not as bad.

    And it depends on the settings file if you should commit that either. Probably yes if it significantly changes the output.
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    @N00bPancakes it does but it will increase repo size rapidly
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    @electrineer We're using SVN because it's centralised and therefore easy to backup. And yeah, of course they should have checked in the settings file, but they screwed it up. Without the binary to check the fresh build against, I wouldn't even have noticed that there was a problem.
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    @Fast-Nop I use artifactory
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    What builds today won't build in a year. Actually this is not a bad idea to store APKs but SCM is not the answer. Plain old file system on deploy.

    Did this with a project and it was quite nice just having a peek at old builds and laughing at those bad decisions we made.
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    Man, we actually do this with our compiled programm. Cause currently compiling it with cmake doesnt work. Only works when compiled in the IDE. And my Boss thinks its unnecessary to have it compiled with the deploy script. As it works and thats good enough.
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