Client got a cease and desist letter for trademark infringement for using the Moneygram name (not even the logo) on their website in the "accepted payment methods" page.

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    So, Moneygram does not want to be listed as a possible payment method on websites? 🤔
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    Guess they won't be supported much longer
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    I guess they have a specific "you gotta use our brand this way"
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    @jespersh more like a bunch of overpaid lawyers trying to justify their likely 6 figure monthly.
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    We had something a bit similar, but in our case the problem was communication between different departments in a big (over 35k employees) company.

    One of departments was interested by our tool and we closed them as a client (Mind you, managed to get security inspection on the company level !).

    We asked vice president if we could use their logo as “clients”, the answer was yes. Apparently their legal department was not notified and we received this notice.

    Eventually all was cleared up and we were allowed to keep logo and name.
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