"We need to do operation X about 50 times a second constantly."

X is a database heavy NP-hard problem with an input size of a few million.

And this new thing has to run on the same already stretched hardware that everything else is on.

I spent so long making python notebooks showing graphs why it wouldn't work, eventually someone built the naive exhaustive search anyway to prove it was slow. They pushed that out to production without testing it under any real load. Needless to say clients were annoyed.

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    Great recipe for a magnificent disaster
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    According to some, you can't expect business people to understand math, or math based arguments. You just have to make the NP-hard problem easy 😋

    Seriously though, in situations like this, I just tell my PM, "to quote Feynman, if it were easy to understand, it wouldn't have been worth a Nobel prize."
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    They pulled this shit on me once as well. Had to code some stupid "cinema" people could join with a password and then have a movie play for then while their dumb avatars would eat popcorn.

    It was supposed to be this big B2B thing that absolutely couldn't fail and we crunched until it was done. The actual movie was delivered half a day before the "event". Turned out it was an hour in length or so.

    You can imagine that layercake of animations and remoting calls crunched together by 1 dude didn't run very well on people's WIFI laptops when it has to buffer an hour of video after people log in.

    It was the worst B2B nonsense I've ever been part of.
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    @Inxentas The whole idea of making a VR cinema is not too bad (I had it before), but I guess it is something you would use once or twice and then get bored of it. However if you don't give everyone a high-end VR headset, it is becoming quite pointless (you'll see less of the movie on screen, also the movie needs to be scaled -> quality loss). That said if you have not enough time (budget) to do this properly, maybe even with devs not well versed in 3D rendering, it will become a nuisance at best. For a one time show doing this seems like a waste of money to me. On the other hand marketing can find worse ways to burn money..
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    @saucyatom Give marketing a chance and they will change the location of the company because your phone number does not look very nice with their font.
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    @AtuM I had to do a doible take because I was *sure* this was a post by @molaram
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    @saucyatom At least part of it went into my wallet I guess. I don't have experience coding for VR yet (I'm a PSVR peasant) but I see your point. Having to render everything twice also doesn't help.

    As a kid I had to do a 15 min informative speech on a subject once, forgot the whole thing and ended up drawing an ant on the board from the head. Talked about ants for a bit and got a good grade. I feel buisinesses are just 1 upping each others capacity to burn money on stupid.

    But yeah, it beats a whole range of worse jobs that's for sure!
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