Typical LinkedIn post in my feed, a template:


There was this problems. I does not give up.
Look where I am. Am I awesome guys? I am cool right?

Be like me, look where I am. I am cool right?
This is my profound wisdom, look how smart and wise I am. *Proceed sucking own dick*

A modern god inside a human body. Be more like me. I am cool right? Everyone else is looser.


Tags : Pretty much every other person on here that does this.


P.s.: All grammatical errors are intentional and infact should be included for increased effect.

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    So you follow Otto F. Elashio on linkedin too huh? Hot.
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    @M1sf3t Haha yeah, Trust me, you missed nothing! In fact its worse than it was an year ago. Shameless plugs everywhere and yes the memes cause that's what I signed up for!
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    @SortOfTested Lol, you got me there! Nice!

    I searched for it on LinkedIn when it hit me
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    I'll be here all week 👋
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    Those self-congratulatory posts have gotten even more common since COVID-19 hit.

    "Look at me! I (kept my / got a new) job due to perseverance and being an incredibly awesome but also humble person! Because I wasn't lazy like all of you other people complaining about the lack of job prospects!"
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    Sucking your own dick actually doesn’t feel too good. I was expecting more because of what culture says about it. Fucking months of painful massage and relaxation just to reach it fucking wasted
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    @uyouthe That went full circle, if you know what I mean.

    @Floydimus Thanks dude, nothing much, the usual. How about you? Long time!
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    And also every other post is about ppl masturbating to ML/AI/DS and doing invisibile cloaks or drowsiness detection. Then there are these revolutionary "Entrepreneurs". Geez I can go on with this shitload of cringe.
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