Sometimes i feel there are so much gaps in my knowledge... I have been making apps for quite a while, using a lot of apis and system classes/functions , yet there are a lot of things that i haven't explored. what's more there are some things like context, lifecyles, views and recycler adapters, etc that i use in my every app perfectly, but yet i don't completely understand their working in the background.

I feel this backlog is killing me. but again i am already lagging behind the current modern practices. like coroutines are being widely adopted and used now , but i am yet to even understand how they work

Front log and backlog, i am just burdened with so many logs :/

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    Coroutines are basically Task-style asnyc. They create work on a scheduler that decides how the work is applied to the async context (new thread, reusable thread, etc).

    This is different from standard multithreading in that the thread details and communication of completion are managed by the scheduler rather than your code.

    Async await layers on top of the Deferreds returned by the coroutine async launch, enabling you to compositionally await the result at a later point in the code. The code following the await will be placed in a continuation and run after the await returns (Deferred value completion).

    They also support reactive style flows, following much the same rules as Java 9 reactive streams.
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