Anyone heard of or using Cyph? A Keybase alternative because apparently "we" don't trust them anymore now that they're owned by Zoom.

Seems a pretty half baked and dodgy to me, and they sent me a spam email with a "personalised" invite because my email address is linked with Keybase or something?

They have marketing for "tele-health" whatever that means, are "beyond HIPAA compliant", and it seems like the founder is a bit of a crypto nut with his 10 patents and total security through obscurity

If you want to check it out I can give you an "invite code". https://cyph.com

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    @M1sf3t did you delete or reset your account?
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    @M1sf3t "Hey! I'm angry about that thing you told me last week!"
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    @M1sf3t It was that time when you said the thing about the stuff that happened there
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