Context: one of my dad's friends is a veterinarian and he's opening a new clinic. My dad is renovating the building and I'm supposed to handle the IT part (Ethernet cables, server, laptops etc.).

Last Monday I get a phonecall from the veterinarian (which I'll be calling boss from now on) that he plans to open the next Monday. I ask him what hardware is bought and if anything is already done. As you can probably guess, the only hardware bough are Ethernet cables (with no plugs) that my dad run under the floor half a year ago.

After a brief wtf?! I asked him what he needs. The conversation goes like this (shortened a bit):
> What do you want/need?
< Make it good
> What?
< Make it so that the network lasts for years
> Ok, but what do you want? Do you want cameras? WiFi? How many PCs and laptops? What software will you use for client/patient management?
< Yes, I want cameras. Look around and decide where would be best. Clients won't need WiF, so don't botheri. I think one pc and two laptops will be fine.
> Ok, what software do you use? What does it need on the server?
< Don't worry about that. I signed a deal for a monthly subscription. I got a special offer where if I sign it for at least a year I get 10% off.

// We had this conversation about 2 month earlier. I was against cloud software because internet here is flaky at best and if the company goes out of business he loses all client data

> Why would you do that? I told you it's a bad idea because [above comment]
< Yeah, but [his employee] convinced me. He said that with cloud he'll be able to check that stuff even from his home.
> I could've set it up so that he could do it anyway. Whatever, did you get an internet connection to the building?
< Well, I've been considering getting LTE...
> Stop. You already made one mistake. If you also get an unreliable internet you risk having to close the clinic when you lose connection due to storm.

// Here he tried to argue a bit, but I was able to convince him to not do the stupidest thing he could

< Oh, and can you make it so that when I'm here I have internet on my phone and laptop?

At this point I just wanted to smack him in the face.

Anyways, a week and a half later the clinic is still closed. Not just because half of the stuff needed arrived last Friday, but mostly because the building is not usable yet. The renovations on second and third floor haven't even started yet.

And there is still no internet connection. Last Friday I even went to a local ISP (with his permission) to get everything done and he just has to go and sign the contract. When I asked him today about it he said he still hasn't been there.

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    That's exactly why you shouldn't work for friends. If you send an appropriate bill for dealing with all this bullshit you're the bad guy, if you drop them you're the bad guy as well.
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