Today I got baited into talking back to some guy on Xbox and then he DDOS'ed my network. My service provider didn't know what to do. 😩 They said come tomorrow and swap out ur modem.

The proof: The guy sent me messages like "I got two of you off the network? Haha! I can do this for a lot longer bud"

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    Or just restart the modem maybe? Don't imagine most ISPs would give you a static IP unless you ask. Just remember not to reply to him again lol
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    Report him and let the authorities know, DDOS is highly illegal.
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    call ISP, switch IP.
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    You don’t even have to call them, even if you don’t get a new IP when you restart your modem, pretty much any somewhat modern modem has an option to forcefully get a new IP assigned.

    Sometimes they tell you, sometimes it’s hidden in the “reconnect” feature
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    @010001111 Here, a call is neccessary
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    I already called isp last night. They said just get a new modem.
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    How is swaping HW going to help?! O.o Or am I missing something?! Do external IPs come burned in the modem somehow?!
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    @sladuled he said they weren't able to change the IP on their end. And that setting up a new modem will assign me a new IP.

    I'm not a network expect so this is out of my experience.
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    autocannon, just saying... The hunter becomes the hunted.
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    @codecrow o.O holy crap.. ok, maybe it doesn't support remote config..but still.. holy crap xD

    Also good luck!
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    That's just ridiculous. There should be a better way of handling things than this.
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    @ShadowClaw11 you can subscribe to my onlyfans. 😏
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    Lol nice. How did he know your IP address though?
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    @FelisPhasma probably using wireshark or some other tools. We were in a party on Xbox. And I guess there's ways of exposing IPs.

    Not sure if Xbox has shit security or its just not something that's securable.
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    Just ignore. 12 year olds aren’t worth anything, let along bothering with.

    If they seek you out and harass you, report them to their ISP, and ofc call their parents. Nothing like some good old-fashioned embarrassment and grounding.

    If they still persist, call their parents again, then beat them at their own game. It’s usually easy. Example: Deauth attacks are trivial and can be automated with a (battery-powered) raspberry pi in a tree somewhere nearby. The parents will believe it’s the ISP punishing them for their son’s behavior; the child will know it’s retaliation, but won’t be able to convince them. Remove the rpi after a couple days; you won’t be bothered again.

    Goes without saying that I don’t recommend doing any actual damage, just inescapable annoyances that indicate further escalation on your part is trivial, and probably fun. In other words: scare tactics! They’re 12; they believe they’re on top of the world, and yet are still scaredy-cats that know their very meager limits.

    Besides, getting some annoying brat grounded will make you smile for months.
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    I guess a new modem will get you a new IP, since they probably use DHCP and a new MAC address will result in a new IP from it... I would expect disconnection the modem over night would too...
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