Bought this ram, why in bios it say 2400 mhz?

Did I fuk up somewhere?

Ryzen 7 3700
Tuf b550 plus

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    you should probably change it manually. mobos tend to underclock them just because. I had 4 2666mhz sticks with same timings, the mother (fucker) board underclocked them to 2133
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    That's the JEDEC standard timing. Faster speeds aren't standardised for DDR4, so you need to activate XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile) where the RAM says what it can actually do.

    In ASUS BIOS for AMD CPUs, this goes under the label D.O.C.P. which needs to be enabled (looks like it isn't). Check your mobo manual.
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    @codecrow . @Fast-Nop got you covered
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    @JhonDoe I found it
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    Had the same, XMP the way.

    AFAIK you can also manually set it to the speed you want, without XMP, but I’m not sure what makes XMP special in that regard.

    Didn’t found any meaningful difference, maybe @Fast-Nop knows
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    @010001111 The kicker with XMP is that you don't need to fuck around with manual settings. The RAM just tells the BIOS what speeds the RAM supports, and ideally, you're good to go.

    In reality, it's a bit more fucked up. Have one RAM bar? No issue (but may be slow because single channel). Have two? Works if it isn't above 3000, and also works if it's not more than 8GB per RAM bar. Have four? Unlikely to work at full speed, especially not if it's more than 4GB per RAM bar.
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    @010001111 you have timing information in XMP that depends on the frequency you choose. If it wasn't there, you'd have to select a shitload of timings yourself.
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    @Fast-Nop Really? I have 2x16GB DDR4-3200 and XMP works fine. I'm seeing the listed speed on my system.
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    @EmberQuill It can work, especially if you consult the memory QVL and order the exact part numbers - which the OP didn't do. However, I've seen a lot of postings where people couldn't get above 3000.

    Even Asus' QVL shows a lot of 16 GB bars where they only check the column for one bar, not two or four.

    Also, the BIOS showing the speed doesn't mean it will run stable, so a memtest should be done.
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    Laughs in ancient ASCII based bios
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    Note that gear down mode is broken on Ryzen 3rd Gen so don't enable that one if you actually want to boot into something other than your bios recovery mode
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