How do you guys fit all your experience and side projects in page resume?

I am looking for a template. Though the one I have is tight and neat.

But since my side projects and learnings at work at increasing, I am trying to fit them in single page.

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    No one prints your resume' anymore.

    Just keep it simple and list "key" projects and not every single thing.

    Give a link to your Github or personal website and if they want to explorer your other work they already know how to find it.

    Also, have workable demo's for any you do list or atleast instructions on how to get it up and running.
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    3/4 years ago I had this idea of having a website serving as my resume. I can hand it over to anyone without having to send any attachments.

    Didn't work in the job market I am.

    I still want to go the same route, easier to manage, update, and share.

    Let me try it again. I didn't know that one page idea was about reducing the print wastage.

    However, in my last interview experiences, I saw that most hiring managers printed it. lol

    And I have 3 side projects and 1 employment till date. All of them are equally important to mention.

    Let me ideate around it.
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    @sk23ll My main selling points these days have become those side stuff.

    My employer is a top brand but everyone knows its shit.
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    @sk23ll I guess it depends on the employer.

    I check shortlisted candidates projects to see what they can do but only if I'm really interested in them.

    I have deployed a couple of projects to see how the UI side of things work but yea generally, they won't be used or potentially looked at.

    But it can be a good selling point if I can't decide based on CV alone.
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    I barely crammed mine into two pages by reducing some font sizes and spacing, and by trimming out less relevant jobs/projects, rewording things, etc.
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    @Root Same struggle to fit everything in one page but it is growing.

    A retard, in a very high poistion in a good startup, once advised me that if Elon Musk can fit his work in one page, why can't you.

    Since then, I have been questioning my own existence.
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    @F1973 You shouldn't listen to a @retard

    That being said, different countries/companies have different rules regarding resumes. I've found many that don't like anything beyond one page, so it's best to list the relevent stuff and not everything you once achieved in your life.
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    @Jilano That leads to elimination in filtering itself by dumb HRs
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    Ooohhh man, dm me

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    If you look into how a CV is set up and you will see that almost everywhere it says, that a good CV is mora than one page. Only a resume should fit on just one page, but no one asks for that anymore.
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    @Tr33 Yes, the difference is clear and I am trying to build a resume.
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    @C0D4 I've seen my resume printed many times. and it is one page. In every interview it was printed.
    I also needed to make my resume of 5 pages for a different company. but a lot of buzzwords and bullshit was in there. with the notion of using microsoft word.
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    I don't. I only submit experience relevant to the project and a few high points.

    I also don't really interview anymore. Hopefully it stays that way.
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    @SortOfTested this way I have been lucky that I never got to interview anyone in my 6.6 years of experience.

    Hopefully I'll never do it anytime in future too.
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    I mean I don't interview for positions, not that I don't interview people. I do that lots 😝
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    @F1973 No need to be surprised, she does that interview thingy with the black couch and the girls.
    Word on the street is she's the one who created it!
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    @Jilano finally the secrets of the universe have been revealed.
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    @F1973 "Oh, now I see! Now I get it! Now the pieces are falling into place! It's all coming together now! I just say this opens my eyes! Another case closed my dear Watson, for I was blind before, but now I see! The cat's out of the bag now!"

    -- Bender
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    @Jilano I thought we were friends
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    @retard Of course, that's exactly why I said that. And I stand by my comment.
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