Just having a thought that might label me as "stupid" into the eyes of an anonymous community, but whatever.

I hate money. I don't like the fact that it is the new god, the sole motivator, the sole distinction between successful and failure, and the only way to achieve happiness.We as a living being have come so far into getting entangled to just green chits of paper.

I don't know man, maybe i haven't seen much money to be really wanting it . My family has always been not very wealthy, i was often told to "adjust", but after a while that doesn't sounded like a bad option.

Maybe i am too lazy, but in the past few weeks , when i was working from home in my internships , or simply learning new things, i would stand up after 2-3 hours and go sit with my mom, or she would just yell from her room to get milk from the store, .. and that felt satisfying.. being with family, doing chores other than work.
I clearly remember my horrible internship experience.. wake up at 7 , reach office at 9 , burn your brain in front of screen for 9-10 hrs while being in a constant pressure of doing stuff fast, checking out at 8 , reaching home at 10, eating , shitting and back to sleep.

Like why do i want money? to get happiness. Am i happy? fucking no. Your experiences might be better, but this is the way it is: get money somehow and buy your happiness.

Imagine a world with no money. You are free to do whatever you want, you can have whatever you want, you can ask others to provide services they usually provide , and they would, and likewise from your side.
looks like a stupid vision, right? "Why would Someone do anything for free?Why would 'I' do anything for free for anyone?" i can't give you of practical examples(coz this vision is already hypothetical) , but i believe there won't be long before you would accept to do work if money is not the driving factor, out of sheer boredom or curiosity. I believe its like Eating free Pizzas forever, how long before you get fed up of eating that fat and rather hitting the gym?

Similarly you won't be really liking to not do anything if money is not a motivator. and if you do, evolution would probably handle you by making you extinct. This is usually the dream of most people "To earn so much that one day we will have a nice home, we will be focusing on our health, doing good deeds", etc . So why not now?

(damn i have started to sound like some priest or baba, let me say some fuckoffs and window sucks , fuck apple stuff to be back into the reality)

Money just brings the negativity with itself. Even the 2nd richest man in the world is accused of using mal-practices in his 20s to achieve the wealth he is using so positively today. did money really brought you a good image for everyone? probably not.

I have to usually think between applying for jobs, to decide my worth. "No i shouldn't be applying for a job paying $20/h, i am worth $200/h" why? why can't i just go for a work that is more interesting and not care about the fact that if am not paid enough, i might loose the opportunity to be happy?

People kill for money, they demean for money, they hate each other for money, when its just a dead piece of paper. likewise they die with absence of money, they die due to excess of money, they buy happiness due to money, why?

I can think of 100s of examples where money is the root-cause of evil. The best one i find in the recent netflix series i watched : narcos . A guy sells coke to the whole wide world to buy happiness for him and his family . He also distributes his money among a particular poor village which ends up getting better due to his deeds and everyone there treats him like a god.
money fucks this story.
- "why a guy needs to sell poison to others?" >> to earn money.
- "why" ? because he deserve happiness.
- "So is he bad now?" Not really because he also donated his money to poor
- "why ?" because others also deserved to be happy and maybe because he also felt bad for selling poison.
- "So is he good person now?" um..

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    It's not stupid at all.

    Money has no value at all.

    What makes a 5 US $ bill worth 5 US $...

    Trying to answer that question will take a lot of time...
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    The current system is unfair, but it's not a total failure either. It's the best one we have at the moment.

    Who would do the disgusting and annoying jobs if there wasn't any incentive?

    In many countries there are laws that limit the working hours so that there is also time to have a life. Just having a job doesn't make you rich anyway.
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    Careful, you're tapping the vein of better things. Here's an experiment for you to conduct in daily life as you observe the goings on of people:

    The situation you describe is a side effect of a post-scarcity society. In a post-scarcity society work and labor is not necessary in any scale resemblant the supply of that labor. As you might expect from the name, resources are so abundant that no one actually wants for anything for any reason unrelated to corruption. Many fictions present this scenario, star trek being a leading example.

    Watch how people interact, and think about what things are offered to you. Think about advertising, and relationships and even your job. With each of these things ask yourself one question: Is this thing I'm experiencing driven by scarcity, or is it artificially trying to create or portray scarcity for its own benefit?
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    There's a huge difference between money on a scale that you can earn it though your own work (which allows you to buy goods and services), and big money, which translates into power, politically and otherwise.

    Even for small scale money from your own work, it may not be sufficient for happiness, but lack of it will make life harder and suck more.

    If you have to think how to pay for your appartment in the next months or get homeless, this won't contribute to happiness.

    Also, I need private money despite public health care because I want to have better and therefore more expensive options.

    I have one condition where I'm very happy that I can call up one of my country's best specialists and have a privately paid appointment in the next two days, which would not be available for people on public health care.
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    wait, isnt that socialism?
    didnt we see how great that concept worked in the past?
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    Money is not the root cause of your listed problems.
    It is only worth as much as we individually value it.

    Happiness mainly comes from how you look at life and whether you are able to surpass the bottom layers of the happiness pyramids. At the very bottom are your basic needs to survive.
    If you have a job where you are constantly exhausted, the foundation of your pyramid is crumbling and not stable.

    As soon as you are able to get a strong foundation of basic needs (food, basic money, place to live, health, intimacy/sex), you will feel more happy and you'll get to the point where you have more spare time for yourself.

    Seeing money as the root cause of evil and misery is a really dangerous and short-sighted mindset (not meant personally).
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    You're acting as if we decide how important people are by just looking how many green papers they have.

    That's preposterous, dude.

    We also consider other important factors like how symmetrical their face is, whether they keep their shoulders back and straighten their bak, how much space they needlessly take up, how loud their voice is, how long they can talk without saying anything...

    Are you suggesting we incentivize things like "helping others" by heaping praise on that? LOL

    /brb buying an expensive navy suit to make me look younger yet successful, wise & in control so maybe people respect me
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    am looking at all the above comments, and frankly, i guess i have to research more before i say anything next. But thank you all for putting out such thoughtful comments.

    Its just... i still feel there's some flaw.. i on't know how to express it, but i still feel it is there. I will come back with better researched points on this thread some other day
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    @2Large Well, one of the things that can go wrong can be summarised in the well-known saying:

    People work jobs that they hate to buy things they don't need to impress people whom they don't care about.
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    another late night thought. You might wanna check out
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    @SortOfTested The problem of scarcity exists from the age of barter systems and that will always be the problem. A country might not have water supply , or another country might not have food bearing land. A medium to exchange goods and services is always needed. But the problems that come up with money are also not undeniable. its just that money has not given us a solution, but rather created unnecessary scarcities.
    I have made 2 posts on this thing as of now, but am still searching for a better solution and the actual problems ^_^!
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    @electrineer I had posed a new rant and i feel like coming back to some questions now :
    As you said no one would be willing to do a job w/o incentives. quite true.
    As of now, communism gives an answer that everyone is mandatory to do some task for the society even if unwilling. but that's also a wrong answer.

    But here is a thought what if all the software engineers and garbage pickers were both earning equally (or say $0) and their was an exam such that the toppers will only get an option to become Software engineer because not qualifying the exam defines your mind level?

    Thus the race to have more money quickly become the race to have a better knowledge.
    Also if every child is educated about the harms and benefits of being both a rag picker and software engineer, then some might even intentionally chose to become the ragpicker .

    Today's education just shows the lust of money without considering the other factors
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    @kleopi would like to learn more of that. can you provide some links? I checked out the wiki, but that's way too much long and boring , like this post :P
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    @2Large That would also fail because the highly qualified people would be underpaid and emigrate. In communism, that problem is "solved" by putting a wall around it and shooting everyone who tries to flee.
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    @Fast-Nop then i guess money needs to be abolished at a global level. I really feel using money to initiate a rat race all is bad and we could do better than this
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    @2Large That has been tried in some communities. The very first problem they encountered is that exchanging services doesn't work anymore in a work-share society.

    You can program websites and want bread, but your bakery doesn't need a website. So they introduce some sort of accounting that effectively acts as currency.

    The only kind of society that doesn't need money is one where people do everything themselves and therefore don't need to exchange services. That society won't have anything IT related, so forget about being a dev, and go back to the fields.
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