I take back everything I said about Linux, I love it

Also first i3 rice

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    Welcome back to the light, my chils
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    I have just noticed that it's not centered hell yea
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    Takes some effort, but it’s always worth it in the end. 😊
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    @frogstair it’s centered and optically compensated. When something is perfectly centered, it may appear a bit to the top because our vision isn’t perfect.

    I do that shit on the daily when I review mockups
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    Once you start getting it working you can start looking at windows and ask yourself "how would I get that going in Windows?".
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    @PonySlaystation unrelated, but your name is absolutely genius, holy shit
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    dwm master race
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    Wow! That's cookin' nicely bro!
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    Wow! That's one of the best i3 rices I have ever seen! I hope you wouldn't mind sharing your dotfiles :D

    Where did you get the wallpaper tho?
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    Me is on i3 as well. Takes time, saved time. +-0 but it’s fun!
    @ADIGEN Where are your dot files ? Can’t find them on github.

    Oh and an can’t see it because of crap resolution, in case you are out of ram, just download some more here; https://downloadram.net
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    @dder 8 gigs is just fine for me
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    @dder You can find my dotfiles here: https://github.com/mradigen/...
    It's not updated tho, my laptop's mobo died before I could backup my latest modifications

    Man thanks for the link for downloading free RAM! It's obviously most definately real! I really don't know why RAM manufacturers exist when you've got this! I'm gonna try it on my new PC soon!!! Thanks a ton!

    Can I download a graphics card? I need one badly welp. Oh yeah also a 80+ Titanium rated PSU. Where do you find links to download them?
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    Cheers for the ram link.
    I don’t now about GPUs though... gotta search on this...

    Oh and PSU can’t be downloaded. Sorry. That’s because of technical limitations of being plugged into the wall. That’s why there’s no links for PSUs yet... but may be a good risky investment for maybe @Wisecrack
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