It seems like I somehow split myself into at least three entities. One personality is a crazy uncontrollable creative psychopath that is terrified but all that avalanche of random thoughts coming at him. He writes articles.

The other one is uyouthe, my archetype. When I’m worried or confused, I just ask myself “what would uyouthe do?”

The third one is everything else. I still can’t figure out if there’s more merged together here. I can’t figure which of these is _me_ either.

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    @M1sf3t I’m too dumb for this. Uyouthe isn’t even real, and other two are alternating and can’t exist at the same time, my mind is not capable enough for this
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    @M1sf3t oh thanks but personalities still can’t coexist and I think I’m safe at that point. I have double digit iq by the way
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    @M1sf3t marijuana is illegal here in my country. I tried sativa though and didn’t like it at all.

    All that you mentioned seems completely unrelated to your intelligence. That’s just coincidences on top of your personality aspects at given time at given mental state.

    I doubt that you did something wrong.
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    you're not *officially* crazy until you start to give them all names and have full conversations with them.
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