I don't hear people talking about chromebooks. I traded one for a bottle of Whiskey for one of the first: Asus eeebook. I loved it. Great battery life but that one wasn't updated anymore. Since battery life is my main priority I bought another one. Very cheap Lenovo C330. The new chrome os includes a Debian container and i can do whatever i want on it and it runs android apps as well. I can even run gui applications from the Debian container just by executing them (no weird config stuff, works out of the box). Great fun for 300,-. Next one will be a serious more expensive one (for screen quality, it sucks on both)

What are your experiences with chromebook?

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    Great battery life, fucked up keyboard. Use https://mrchromebox.tech/ to run real os on it if possible.
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    @electrineer what don't you like about chrome os? (I have some remarks about it too btw) Which model you used?
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    I have a few year old Samsung Chromebook Plus.

    It's been really solid as a consumption device that isn't as limited as an iPad, but granted it also isn't as hand friendly as an iPad.

    "Laptop light" is what it is for me.

    It still performs great after all these years. I'm really happy with it. ... it's 3 years old now and still works / getting updates.
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    @rooter my model is so old at this point that it's no longer supported. It would have ended up in the bin if it wasn't for mrchromebox. It was a cheaper model with Intel cpu. The trackpad is horrific, and the screen is crap. But it was cheap and still has a usable battery so I call it a win. More than two chrome tabs is already pushing it, but it's usable for remote desktop etc.
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    @electrineer real os would totally ruin the battery life I think
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    They always seemed hard to get in certain part of the world (at first at least), so I never bothered.
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    @electrineer I work remote on it too (ssh). The chromebook made me a vim master. Don't throw it in the bin, it's always worth a bottle of Whiskey for someone 😁
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    @electrineer why? Software optimization does matter.
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    @uyouthe the battery life will be good as long as the computer knows how to idle properly and does that as often as it should
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    @electrineer when I had my Lenovo laptop, arch linux would run off the battery for two times longer than windows 7
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    @uyouthe yeah, but windows comes with an outgoing firewall, virusscanner, fancy gui and probably some cloud synchronizing by default. That must cost some energy.

    Battery life of chromebook has probably to do with:
    - for a weird reason does not support many video files. Some times weird playback (Altough, there is a lot to tune in chrome://flags). I think chipset doesn't support some codecs.
    - terrible USB(3) performance
    - slow emmc drive (only noticeably when transferring from USB or SD card.. What you never do)
    - ARM processor
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    @rooter maybe it’s the cpu and the drive
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