Has anyone ever use Buymeacoffee and/or Paypal?

I have some queries.

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    PayPal is a total scam. Thought it would be nice for people like me not (wanting to) own a credit card but then services still can require you to have one attached to your PayPal. Suckers
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    @rooter You could also just link your bank account and not the card. (They can still be scammy, though)
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    @Jilano I did. Still
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    @rooter Yes. Can confirm.

    Went through an hour long process of doing various different shit (and each page goes back to different layout of the same setting. The Product is internally broken).

    Anyway.. couldn't connect my Buy Me a Coffee page to Paypal + the fees are higher than Elon's rockets can fly.

    As compared to Paypal, Stripe offers a better pricing but before I setup, I need to clear few queries.
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    @F1973 as a loooong time PayPal user it's never done wrong by me, but there is plenty of reports for near fraud / scams from them holding funds when they feel like it.

    What's the Q?
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    @C0D4 I barely used for couple of payments and never on merchant side to technically I have nothing to complaint but then fees are so high and they look scamy since day 1 I interacted with them.

    Q1. If I set €2 with BMAC and 100 people support. My BMAC balance would be €200, right?

    Q2. BMAC has an option 'Cover credit card fee'. What does it exactly do? How much will I get from €2 if I turn this on?

    Q3. To use the €200 I have earned, I will have to transfer to my Paypal/Stripe account, right? It's then BMAC will charge me 5% of overall amount and not per transaction?

    Q4. Now how will Paypal/Stripe charge me for transferring my BMAC cash to their account?

    Q5. How will I be charged for transferring that money from Paypal/Stripe to Bank?

    I am not considering any Currency Conversion as of now.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hi @F1973,

    Thank you for contacting PayPal Support. Just give us your money.

    PayPal Support Team
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    1) no, it would (€2 - 5%) * 100. So €190

    2) this would push the fees into the payee and not yourself. Either way BMAC makes their cut

    3) no, based on their fees, they charge per transaction, so your balance should reflect this.

    4) by the sounds of their fees page, it won't cost you anything, they have already taken their cut. However PayPal may charge the (x% + transaction fee) depending on how BMAC arrange payment - basically give it a go and find out.

    5) PayPal back to bank, there is no fee generally, you would need to check the PayPal policy for your country.
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    1. Yes. So per transaction or total, the usable amount will be €190. Got it.

    2. So if I push the fees on to the person supporting me, chances of drop off will increase. At the same time, if I bear it, it would vary per supporter and not sure how much I will be left with when asking for as low as €2.

    3. So this is same as point 1. I got confused.

    4. Yes. Will try, that's the best way. But if I pay 5% to BMAC and then some additional fee to PP/Stripe, then why shouldn't I directly integrate PP/Stripe and eliminate BMAC?

    5. Yes. Ideally it should be free.
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    I guess it depends on your use for BMAC and if your users would cover the fees, but it's probably safer to say you should take the 5% instead of them, as for not using BMAC, again not everyone would use stripe/PayPal so BMAC might be an alternative for them, is 5% really going to hurt your financial gain though when you weigh up the lack of funds you would joy receive otherwise?
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    @C0D4 True. That makes sense.

    Let me read more about it and then finalise :)

    Thanks bro
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    @F1973 directly integrating stripe might be more work,but if you dont mind then do that. By all means avoid paypal, it's shit as customer, but as merchant it's much worse. Stripe is nice though
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    @eval Yes.

    Created Stripe account, setup everything, and integrating with BMAC.

    All under 10 minutes and now I am back to playing video game.

    Wasted all day with Paypal. I guess, even if Stripe charges me a a percent or two extra, I would be fine if it gives me a hassle free life.

    Bottom line, fuck Paypal.
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