The stuff around America and Tiktok is just amazing. Such app can be perfectly reviewed to prevent spionage. No need for a violent takeover at all. Having an account there already reveals your biggest secret anyway: you're into dancing young girls 😂 What a content 😂

But seriously, isn't the takeover behavior not very weird?

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    Oh the app has been reverse engineered and nearly all security experts who've seen the result are like: stay the fuck away from this spyware.
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    @linuxxx seems not very healthy indeed: https://twitter.com/jeremyburge/...
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    Even hearing that fucking app's name hurts me.
    It's literally only a spionage platform disguised as weird lip-sync and dancing thingy.
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    @rooter That plus loads of other shit
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    @Ranchu I spend some time on it today. I was surprised. It's actually a quite advanced app. People made some impressive videos with it. So good disguise
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    @rooter true, they disguised it Well.
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    I just took a moment to appreciate that we still speak English here.
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