Servers are expensive! Network equipment is expensive!

I am planning to over engineer my home. Upgrade my network to a professional level. Not because I need it, but because I like server racks.

But they are so expensive.
Unifi Pro PoE Switch 48 ports alone costs around $1000. Another $300 for a decent rack. I have not looked up patch panels, yet. And I bet I will pay another $300 for rack console.

I need a side hustle. Some second income that I can completely use up on my hobbies without having it to explain to my spouse where OUR money went. Basically something that creates the concept of MY money...

Thought of upwork. Anyone experience with irregular freelance work? Good places to find some if I only want to invest one weekend per month or so?

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    To be honest... You can build yourself a mini rack easily.

    When companies are dissolved, you might get stuff cheap.

    Although I really don't understand why.

    I mean - power costs money, too?
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    What @IntrusionCM said.

    Also why would you need 48 PoE Ports?
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    @fuckwit well, you do need to read better. I did specify I don't need it. I want it.
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    Buy racks, patch panels and other equipment from second hand when small businesses are closing offices. You'll save incredible money. Especially now, when lots of them are moving to AWS/Azure/any other cloud and are selling their dedicated hardware.
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    That's a good tip. I planned to check second hand material. But it still won't be cheap
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