So i am creating a native app for a WordPress based website. WordPress being 'WordPress' has a very vague rest api documentation , and at the same time i am very new to the world of making internet based appsm so the combination of 2 has been terrible so far. Need some guidelines on :

1. How to do registration/login with WordPress apis, and which are those?
2. How to do it correctly in Android? Do we store user login passwords in offline db? Dow we use header based requests(that's just an unknown-to-me word i heard on the internet) dowe use jwts( another unknown) ?
3. Any other community that i could join tonpost WordPress related queries

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    1. Create your own WP endpoint for new user creation/initialization (google: WP rest user registration)

    2. Maybe use Google SSO? There are several ways of implementation.

    3. WP stack exchange
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