Fuck seasonal depression/SAD.

Every year in the second half the sub goes for a toss and I struggle with natural source of vitamin D3.

Supplements are fine but nothing beats natural supply.

I am not anxious. I don't worry. I am always energetic and happy.

But this SAD (Seasonal Associative Disorder) just fucks my mood up.

My mood is down, I feel lethargic due to lack of energy, that leads to hypochondria and triggers unwanted physical symptoms.

I just feel low overall. Able to perform at work and day-to-day life tasks but it feels soooo out of touch with everything.

When I have some good stuff happening, yet I don't find anything to look forward to in life and this same pattern repeats every year this time of the year.

I am well aware about everything, in control, going for therapies I don't even need, making sure I am physically fit, mentally healthy, and overall fine.

But this shitty thing is beyond my control and I just cannot do anything about it except wait for sunny days or pop some medication for supplements.

Now I understand the saying that in life some days are rainy and some are sunny and everyone wants to experience sunny days. Because fuck SAD.

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    I assume you take enough vitamin D3?
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    @NoMad how is an assumption a question?
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    @F1973 asking you to confirm the assumption 😛
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    @NoMad initially I did as per instructions from my GP.

    Then GP asked me to take one dose once per month (assuming I get exposed to natural light).

    But since lockdown is a fucked up phase, I think one dose a month isn't enough and also need to get tested again and recalculate the dose for time being.
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    I didn’t know they have a word for it “seasonal depression”
    I think we give too much value to things just by assigning names to it
    Anxiety, adhd, ocd, depression
    Although i face all of the above i just like to not call them by assigned names

    That ambiguity helps me to fight it in better way
    ( just my way of thinking)
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    @hardfault No. For me it helps me categorise which bucket of trash I am in instead of being all over.

    The feel of belonging to one particular type of trash comforts me.
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    @F1973 do you get backaches, cramps in legs, or pale skin during winter?
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    @NoMad Yes, I whiten a bit (since I am brown skin person).

    No other physical symptoms that you mentioned but psychological affects on body are seen on varied levels.
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    @F1973 well, maybe try a high dose daily vitamin D3 once and see how it goes. Make sure you take something below the OD limit tho. If it made you feel better, great. If not, you can avoid taking it for a while. But maybe later do a deeper blood test for other stuff. I can think of a range of hormones and vitamins that you could be lacking just during winter.
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    @NoMad Yes, I have noticed this pattern that with every dose it feels good until the power wears out.

    So one thing for sure that light has massive impact on my life, be it DSOTM or D3. LOL

    The fuck side with Vit D is one can OD. Not the case with my B12 suplements. I keep taking it on and off.

    So waiting for sun to be back and take a good bath in light.
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    @F1973 you're not gonna OD on it easily. You will first get symptoms like heart palpation and other types of discomforting symptoms.

    That fact that you noticed the feel good after vit D, means you're lacking it. So now at least you confirmed that it is indeed vit D issue. XD

    Take twice the daily recommended for a short while (like, a week or so) and then continue taking the daily recommended. (been there, done that, didn't die 😛)
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    @NoMad Hah! sailing in the same boat.

    So how did it affect you or your SAD?

    What SAD symptoms did you have and how are you feeling now?
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    @NoMad Yes, I am aware that OD-ing on Vitamins is not easy but still preventing my liver.
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    From memory, high daily dosage pills are 1200iu, and the limit for OD is around 4000iu daily.
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    @NoMad We are safe :D
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    @NoMad What a story. That 'the end' made it worth reading. lol

    So I am planning to take these multi-vitamins too but not sure as have read on various portals that long term usage can damage organs and also most of it is flushed in the peeeeee

    I once took a pill for a day or two. Felt soo different (noot sure shitty than normal day or better because body had enough to function) that I stopped it immediately.
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    Never blame yourself for this. There is no possible thoughts sequence that can help you overcome what’s of chemical nature. The best decision is to move to a different region but that may be hard to accomplish
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    @F1973 I think where you are quality of the pills matter. You can stop at any point. Afaik vit d3 pills are not addictive. Damaging organs usually come with either misuse or preexisting conditions. All of which you can find out more about if you google enough. (basically become your own doctor)
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    @uyouthe True. But I am already shifting soon to EU :)
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    >Afaik vit d3 pills are not addictive.
    Wait.. what? Vitamins pills are addictive?

    Nooooooo. Googling is the worst thing to do and self daignonisis has always sucked for me.

    Either I have nothing or I have brain cancer. Do you believe in relying on experts? lol
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    @F1973 not really. General experts so often ignore things because "most don't get that" and I almost died once because of it. Don't ever fully trust a GP, if they were smart enough they wouldn't be a GP. I kinda stick to a middle line. If I go to a doctor, I know what I have and I know what they'll prescribe. Going to a doctor is more like a second opinion and also because I can't get some medications on my own.
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    > if they were smart enough they wouldn't be a GP.

    I would aruge that and say human body is the most complex piece of engineering and equally complex to understand and fix where every part and use case is different.

    Be it doctors or anything else, I would rely on people from their field.

    What if you didn't have access to Google or tech at all. Would you still go and read acient books describing illnesses and try to fix yourself or find middle line?

    To each their own but I would never rely on Google when it comes to health. My track record has proven that Google has failed to diagnosis.
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    @F1973 you're mistaken. A GP is not specialized. I'd trust someone who puts the work in and actually gets specialized in something (MD). But unfortunately you normally can't get to those without referrals (at least where I'm from) of the same stupid GP.

    Also, begs the question, have you seen how the GP actually diagnoses you these days? Most of them are using internal DBs of symptoms 😛
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    1. MDs are better than GPs but from where I am, most are retarded busy making money and running their clinic as their business.

    2. Here, becoming a GP is more valuable and difficult than an MD. And I have legit found GPs better than MDs here.

    3. We can directly go to an MD without referrals. lol because it is all about money

    4. Most here are technologically illiterate and can barely use WhatsApp so yes, the diagnosis is still done based on knowledge.

    I don't know your geography so cannot comment.
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    @NoMad Just checked what pills I am taking and guess I was right to not trust internet or Google with my health.


    You suggested 4K iu is OD dose. I am already on 60K iu. lol
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    @F1973 you're on a monthly dosage. That brings about 2k iu each day. Do math right at least. 😛 Again, chances of od are very low if you're lacking them, even with high dosage.
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    @NoMad lol I didn't do the math. I was always weak in that, no need to call me out for that 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    Yes, that's true that if I am low system will utilise it.

    Earlier my GP asked to take this once every week so yes, that makes sense but without blood test, I won't be taking it.

    Maybe next week I will pop in one and notify you.

    If you don't hear from me, remember, I loved you all...
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    @F1973 you know, fear impacts you worse than poisoning. If you're ok listening to a GP, do it. It's your life and you're a full grown man and so you're free to make your own life choices. All I'm saying was that this SAD might be caused by imbalance or severe lack of vit D. I personally won't recommend a 30 × daily dosage on one day, but if your doc said it, maybe he knows better. The rest is up to you. 😛
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    @NoMad Yes yes full grown manh!!! 😎

    No the 30 day worth of dose once a week for 3 months.

    Then once every 2 weeks for 3 months.

    The once a month for life. Have been following that but since the sunlight exposure has been cut during lockdown, guess the levels are messed.
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    I Know how you feel OP, Sad destroyed my life at a young age when I didn't know what it was. I've never recovered from it. But it is manageable in the winter now that I know that I've got it.
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    @cervantes01 What is that you never recovered from?

    If you stabiilise your vitamin levels you can be normal, right?
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    I'm not sure that is entirely true, I didn't have a diagnosis for several years but by then my poor career performance in the winter months had completely destroyed my career and my potential earnings.
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    @cervantes01 fuck. That's sad dude.

    I hope you are in a better position mentally, financially, and career wise.
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    @F1973 I'm pretty contented at the moment, got a nice job in IT managing a web server which I do from Home. Still though SAD can be really nasty especially if people don't know that they have got it.

    Thanks for the good wishes 😊
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    @cervantes01 did you self diagnose it or went to an expert?
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    @F1973 went to a doctor who gave me a medical diagnosis after I complained to him that I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed in the morning. Initially he diagnosed chronic grumbling depression and treated me with prozac, stopping the treatment whenever I felt better and restarting it again the next time I felt low some months later.

    After a few years of this he could see that I started the treatments in the winter months and came off them in the early summer, hence the diagnosis of Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

    Now I take the prozacs all year around to keep me even lol.
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    @cervantes01 Interesting.

    Have you ever tried Light therapy? I feel good when I see light during this time of the year.

    I have very very mild case of OCD (obsession) and vitamin D case for SAD.

    Not officially diagnosed but I can evidently see the patterns from past few years.
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    Oh yes, I've got a couple of SAD lights, I even put them on in the summer as I like a nice bright working environment.
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    @cervantes01 did you get it on your own or did your GP/Therapist recommended it?
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    @NoMad what's your experience with Light therapy and Lamps?
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    @F1973 I didn't do it ( the duration of my issue was very short) but others have reported good results.
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    @NoMad alright. Need to try that.

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    @F1973 I got them on my own. You can get some good deals for SAD lights online.
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    @cervantes01 Can you link me to the one you got?

    Unable to find any in my country.
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