I am thinking about setting up a personal website again. Question is; 4 years ago i made a site that i still quite like the design of, but it is made with php.
So, should I update that one, or should I start over and use something else (been working a bit with node/express/jade lately f.e.)?

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    Do you have time/will to start over?
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    @alexbrooklyn Yes I do have time, and although the code actually seems pretty robust, there are a few choises i wouldn't have made today...
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    Dont start over unless you want to try / show off that you know some technology.
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    @24th-Dragon because? Bad use of time?
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    @24th-Dragon @millido
    Honestly, I disagree with 24th. A personal project is always an opportunity to improve or play. I'd say make it 20% cooler in some new technology. This is not the same thing as re-inventing the wheel, this is just having fun

    Nothing wrong with PHP in my eyes, just sounds like fun and the output is useful
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    If it was good PHP code four years ago, it still is.
    But if it was bad code back then, it also still is.

    Look at that code you wrote back then and you will know, what to do!
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