I grew up without having access to PC or internet until i was like 7-8. (This may seems weird to kids today that have internet and PC or phone basically when they can slightly think)

So when i started using PC i started playing games.
ofc they were basic and all.

But as always i started thinking. They were limited. Very limited. Like cant we do better ?
So i started looking at how games were made.
And guess what ?
I found out that it was indeed possible to create a basic game.

I knew this is what i wanted to do in life.
I mean sure i learnt C as my first language cause of 1 book and learnt C book from another book but oh well.

I mean sure i dont want to create games but now 11 years later i still work (Hobby or non paid work. I blame fucking coro*a.) in C basically every single day.

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    You learnt C book from another book? Marvelous.
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    @electrineer I got one book for game dev. That was in C. So i got another book just to learn C. Few weeks after that dad got me Arduino. And well that helped a lot too.
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    No internet at home until I was like 12, feel ya
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    @RememberMe Same! My grandparents had a computer/internet before we did at home. Thankfully they didn't live too far away
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    I grew up without internet and access to PC till 16. So you are still early I guess.
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    @scorpionk At least I didn't waste the time. Like the kids today playing fortnite and all that absolute fucking shits of a game.
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