there is so so much to learn.

looking forward, there are a million things that i don't know that i should be knowing.
looking backward there are so many things that i just glanced over and never thought of going deep, and today i would topple like a domino if someone even asked more than what i know (or even if they asked about it in depth)

plus there is this subtle nudge from the world around me that now am no longer a college student and i should rather be earning an be the bread earner of family.

What am i fuckin gonna do... am losing this career that i haven't even started

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    Why are you losing something...

    Easy fella. Have patience, there will be way more soul crushing stuff to harden your resolve.
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    You need to calm down. Technology changes all the time. Nobody can predict what will happen next month or next year on the edge but under the hood basics will be the same. Read -> Write -> Repeat. Only the tools will be different.
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