All of mine pull requests are being commented for code formatting, but never for the logic of code. Must be a good thing, but this is still annoying. "Mistakes" I make are "do .then() as oneliner or the opposite". Seems as if senior dev. doesn't see anything wrong with the actual code, but still wants to give criticism.

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    He's actually a great guy and college, but this thing with PR's is annoying.
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    Code formatting is the lowest hanging fruit of them all. It's one thing if it's actually about readability, but "oh noez a one liner" is useless feedback. I'd be annoyed, too, if that was the only I got.

    Can't you agree on an auto formatter and be done with these kinds of comments?
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    Well, at least he thinks that my code logic is good. As a junior/mid dev., I'm really happy about it.
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    @yehaaw Just some questions...

    Did he mention that your code was good? And I mean the explicit form, as in
    "Except for some styling issues, your code looks good to me."

    If not, talk about it. It's necessary to _know_ that your code is actually right.

    The worst kind of reviews are those where you can interpret the result.

    To the styling issues: It might be nitpicky. It might be annoying.

    But it is very important that you get this drilled in.

    It's an "attentiveness" issue - those lil "ah forgot it" styling things are preventable.

    It's not bad as long as it's only about styling.

    It's a very nitpicky reminder to be more attentive - at least in my PRs.

    Cause when you forget something really important in a line, it can mean desaster when you are working alone. ;)

    See it more as a challenge - <N> days since I forgot to check my code for issues before creating a PR.
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    @IntrusionCM He did say numerous times even in front of our CTO, that I code really well.

    Styling issues I've mentioned are not really issues, but things he prefers. However, we talk about them and I have a voice in that matter - I can choose when ".then()" goes to the next line and when it shouldn't (it always should though, haha).
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    @yehaaw that's good. :) Happy to hear that.
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