So there's this extremely cute mother cat and her kitten that are living on a small shed near my home . I used to put some catfood/ milk in some bowl whenever i passed their shed and call them. They used come down very scaree , fully ready to jump back and slowly come towards the bowl.

Awestruck me would try to move my hand towards them when they are eating, and they would quickly jump back. The kiddo would even try to hiss at me xD.

So i would just stand their fully still , occasionally trying to call them or wave my hand and at the end go back.

This has been happening for last few days. Those cute wild beasts don't want to interact with a human but their hunger is forcing them to tolerate a messy kid.

So today i went late and didn't had any cat treats on me. So i just stood their called them fondly and again tried to peacefully put forward my hand towards them. They again took a step backwards, but both mom and kiddo is hungry , and they are replying back.
So having nothing on me i sadly started going back towards my home. But to my surprise the mother cat was trying to follow me , and she was super scared. I could feel it because everytime i stopped to look back at her, she was like "keep moving forward or am running away!" . So that's what i did, she came to my door, eat some catfood and went away.

This whole incident was very cute, a scared little cat trusting a stranger . However i kind of related it to myself, and humans . Its like every creature has the same tendency to make risky choices when there is a question of life or death or food or family. And we are all shit scared , ready to run any moment away from the choice, but we still go towards that choice, in her case , following a stranger even though she knew it could be risky for her or her child's life ♥️

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