I had a question do I need to add more ram or should the programs I am using are more memory Hogs than Android Studio and I should use another program to SHOULD I use linux and clang . So I am compiling unreal engine from source and this is my initial build. So I get everything working open visual studio with the sln file and set the options and click build. And it gets a compiler out of heap space error in 5 mins. I have around 8 gigs of ram. Also I tried to increase the page file size to min of 10 gigs and max of 50 gigs. Then I get rid of the compiler out of heap space error but it is very slow because ssd is slower than ram. When I check task manager visual studio is using 2 gigs and the cpu is not at 100 percent use but at 70 percent. When I check the page file size it is at 24 gigs if I recall correctly. So do I need to add 16 gigs of more ram or just use linux or not use visual studio to compile it

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