Slowly the dark side of these fancy bean bag startups are coming to light.

I want to see how these hipsters react seeing their favourite fancy brand die out.

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    "Poor Uber. Thoughts and prayers"
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    "Uber CEO" sounded like a rank :D
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    What ceo?
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    @uyouthe Sounds sexist.
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    @uyouthe can you link me to the post?
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    @F1973 google it. No female ceo of their list wanted to work for them
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    @Root WP made it sound sexist. In reality the thing happened described in my comment above
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    @uyouthe okay thanks.

    And while we are at it.. the system is about to tip..

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    @uyouthe I know. That’s what I was referring to.
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    If only it were that simple. This is one of those "no right answer" scenarios. Two things are true:

    1. Dara Khosrowshashi is a complete tool whose mindless MBA cost cutting and inability to understand the business model landed them in this position; he flipped all the safeties to off and made it into a typical predatory corporation that exists only for it's investors that indeed deserves to die
    2. Uber's business model was designed to allow people to monetize their vehicular downtime, not be a full time job. It is factually that for the large majority of its drivers; at most 20% of Uber drivers work "full time," and those simultaneously work both Lyft and Uber.

    This regulatory smackdown js just the latest in a long line of pushes by the taxicab lobby to hedge their failing numbers. Since decades before the internet, they've had a nepotistic legal stranglehold on the car-for-hire business. They've abused their workers far worse than Uber ever considered doing and are the only beneficiaries of the arrangement. Even when cities allowed car for hire independence, they were prevented from forming companies to deny them the infrastructure necessary to compete with yellow cab dispatch.

    Cities are reacting because they need to recover lost taxicab revenues now that the whole shell game fell apart, requiring Uber and Lyft drivers to register for car for hire certs, pay car service taxes and taxing the drivers and Uber directly.

    Tl;Dr if you're for this, then you're siding with the taxi cab monopoly that has exploited minorities, immigrants and felons for decades, supported city-level graft and profiteering and worked against the consumer. That's not exactly comparative moral high ground.

    [Factually correct, biased] https://cato.org/blog/...
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    @SortOfTested I want to achieve this level of knowledge.
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    @F1973 Itheguardian is a pretty hypocritical news source, when it comes.to being open and accepting to people.

    Their journalists are morons. A quote from a older article describing Denmark in their own words

    "And if you think a move across the North Sea would help you escape the paedophiles, racists, crooks and tax-dodging corporation, I'm afraid I must disabuse you of that too. Got plenty of them."

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    You'll be old too someday 😉
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    @SortOfTested Just because @F1973 is getting old doesn't mean he can't stay dumb :D

    (No offense, shiny head)
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    I wonder what things are 'hipster' and what isn't... people seem to have wildly different ideas about those things.
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    @Frederick aren't most American media the same?

    @SortOfTested at what age does one hit maturity? I am almost 30 and dumb.

    @Jilano yeah man.. how dare she rob away my dumbness from me. Jealous people I tell you.. smh..

    @N00bPancakes well that's a debatable thing but then there are some generic traits which everyone tends to agree to.
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    @SortOfTested I started using uber because I got shafted by every taxi cab biz in town when I had a job interview and discovered none of the cab businesses gave a shit about taking my money when they could make better money ferrying people from the airport cpmong back from spring break.
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    Uber is a scam. When I pass by their office there is always someone cursing while going out with a paycheck.
    They charge 25% fee for displaying route and taxis on the map. Probably using google for most of it’s infrastructure so google get most of money. I wonder what their engineers are doing except doing useless monitoring systems and gathering marketing data from users phones that has nothing to do with ride hailing.
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    @vane their engineers are busy being cool and taking bean bag selfies and posting on instagram to show how cool their culture is which is going down the slope with 196 km/hr.
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    "exploiting workers" 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ basura!
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    @vane I haven't heard of the paycheck curse thing but regarding the map, it's definitely not Google Maps; having worked on map applications (using Google Maps and OpenStreetMap), what I see on driver phones looks a lot more like OSM than GMaps or Waze. Mind you, it could probably be a Mapbox wrapped map.
    So I doubt Google is gaining that much (probably only through their ad or analytics if Uber apps have either one of them).
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    @SortOfTested I don't know how the taxi regulation in the US is compared to the UK and France, but from what I've seen, having witnessed the taxi cabs vs Uber/Lyft _fights_ in both France and the UK, it seems more of "why are we (taxi drivers) expected to pay for a license and get taxed after memorising a whole area and doing a paid test... When these [Uber] drivers can just get an app and sign up with their car to drive people without paying tax".

    It's certainly not a simple issue (as you rightly said) but not a black and white (or 2-side) situation at least in UK/France as the government also play a significant role in that situation.
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    @Berkmann18 lol they are using google maps. There is google logo all over the place in their app. There are also several articles about how uber is build mostly on google maps and aws.
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    @vane That wasn't the case when I last checked what drivers were using... And it certainly had no Google identification as opposed to what you'll typically see in OSM-type maps.
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    @Berkmann18 Drivers today use like 5 phones with different apps to maximize their profits. They are fucked.

    Uber and Google agreement statement about price negotiation from last month.


    They paid about $29 millions per year for maps.
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    @vane That's true (although I've seen about 2 drivers who seemed to have everything in one phone, including their personal stuff) and some other competitors (like Bolt and Gett) using different services as well.
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