Ugh. I feel tired all the time. Three months more and I'll have a year's worth of rent saved up. Maybe stay a couple of more months for food and shit. Learn whatever I can learn from this non-crappy job that I somehow dislike.

Take a break for half a year and try to figure out what I can do to not work in someone's company anymore. I cannot give a fuck about any of this, I tried.

My brain is just -$-$((@&2&@@@$-$##**.

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    This speaks to me so much.

    We’re working hard on replacing my income so I don’t have to work again. It can’t come soon enough.
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    Another month and I'll have 5 years experience accumulated in 5 months due to huge overtimes I do.
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    1 year is nothing special. It’s like 3 months, after 3 months you think it’s only 3 months to half a year. 2 years is something so you have a year and then go back to 1 year problem.
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    I want to do same. So ready to move off grid and try to be a homesteader.
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    in that case, your brain looks like a regex
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    @Root @rutee07

    Are you guys working on FIRE strategy?

    Because I am planning a Financial Independence by next decade and then early retirement.

    Maybe build an autonomous machine which yields me enough to keep going with a runway cash of 6 to 8 months just in case.
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    @F1973 Retire? No.
    I plan to focus on investing instead. I would say full-time, but it doesn’t require 8 hours of effort a day.

    But no, I’m not going to retire. I would go crazy so quickly without something to do.
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    @Root retire from work, not life.

    Basically invest enough or setup a system such that it generates me more than my expenses so I can retire from work and enjoy life doing things I actually love and enjoy like travel and music.
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    @F1973 I suppose. Shouldn’t that be everyone’s goal, though?
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    @F1973 Been trying to escape the whole scheduled work thing, like "be here Mon - Fri for 8 hours and get paid". Also, I don't care about most of the things I have to do while employed to someone else.
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    @Root well would you be surprised if I said no?

    People just think they have to work till they die.

    @rutee07 I am looking forward to continue doing the 8 hour shit for some more time before I can even plan for an alternative.

    Need to setup a base first.
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    @F1973 It’s true, most people do think that way. They really shouldn’t, though.
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    @Root True. That's what is wrong with human race.

    Animals have a better life. Eat. Shit. Repeat.
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    @F1973 well there is theory that wheat domesticated humans, before we were running around and having fun
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    @vane I am listening
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    @F1973 It's mentioned in the book "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind"

    More about this theory you can read in this article.
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    @vane I have heard of this book and wanted to read it. Never got time.

    Let me scan through the article.
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    @F1973 there is second book from same author about the future. Both are cool if you don’t take them to seriously.
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    @vane Interesting read. Thanks for sharing. The idea fits here perfectly.
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    @vane Will check that too :)
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