Any software engineer from Vancouver here?

I'm think of migrating to Canada in a year... What do the job opportunies, money and life look like?

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    Migrate from where? Some people might know both places for comparison.
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    @Codex404 I'm from India and I desparately wanna move out.
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    @viralparmardev from what I know. Canada is a great place— cities like Montreal are trying to attract AI talent. But at the end of the day, Canada is not US. It’s economy is really small and most of the country is uninhabitable (that’s why 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border). And your past experience is not considered, so you have to start as a fresher, doing some shitty menial job. As a techie, you will probably have better opportunities in Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore.
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    @Anakata I already live and work in Mumbai. I've done some research on Vancouver and it seems quite different from the rest of stupidly cold Canada.

    I know that there's not a significant abundance of job opportunities there, but I'm also considering the lifestyle changes - the things I'll experience only if I change countries.
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    It depends greatly on what is a "good" experience I'd say.

    I loved living in Montreal, Vancouver is pretty similar but still different. People are really nice, doesn't mean there no assholes. Life is cool, 4 different seasons, very laid back.
    Restaurants tend to close "early".

    And jobs there is a lot a variation. Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal have a good tech env but it's not the Valley. In good companies, a high level of engagement is demanded.
    And they mostly have a prejudice toward Native Americans...
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