So I started looking for a job again.

I landed on a matching profile on LinkedIn and saw the recruiter is mapped to job listing.

I head to her profile and her bio says "I love my job and very few can say that. people are my passion. I love working with humans and meeting news ones and some crap".

I send a connection request with the intention that I would be able to discuss the opportunity with her.

Accepted within a minute. Wow!! Seems to be living upto her bio.

Cool. Let's drop her a note to see what can be done.

No reply after 24 hours.

What the fuck? What kind of passion is this?

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    Queue the x-file music. You are not human.
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    Is your CV ATS (hr software readable) compliant?

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    You are probably one of 50 guys
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    @heyheni should be as I read somewhere that formats matter a lot for getting shortlisted.

    I have got tons of compliments on my resume format.

    And even got calls from FAANG. My template formate is inspired from a person who too got a call from FAANG so theory has been validated.

    I'll check that link. Looks useful. Thanks.

    @aviophile then why the fuck say you love your job or people are your passion? I am not even a recruiter and I get tons of messages and I offer help quite often. I make sure I respond to everyone.

    @Demolishun :(
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    @heyheni read through the post.

    Very very impressive.

    I am aware of this algorithm mechanism and have tailored my resume with maximum keywords that too in a sentence form.

    And everyone wondered why I got so many calls often while they struggle to land few interviews.

    So yeah at par. The issue here was that stupid recruiter didn't respond to a simple LinkedIn message.
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    @F1973 congratulations! let's hope you'll find someone who values your time.
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    @heyheni me too bro. Desperately need a new job.
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    A lot of recruiters will auto accept any man and his dog, but will never bother replying to people unless they deem them a perfect fit for the role after a quick glance at their profile. Sad state of affairs, but likely true in this case.
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    @AlmondSauce I wonder if they try to get email addresses to spam people? I started getting spam after updating my LinkedIn account 6 months into a job. They found my work email by first.last@company defaults. But I could see them trying to get other information to sell too.
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    @Demolishun Almost certainly.
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    “love working with humans”
    ... it might take some time for your LinkedIn message to arrive at whichever planet she’s from.
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    @cafebabe That's the advantage devs hai and I am really jealous of that
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