Do you regularly create any type of diagrams or charts in your daily coding process? I just dig in but I’m wondering if it could help me to be more productive.

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    Definitely yes
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    I would really like to do that but i've not found software / a method that isn't ... itself kinda annoying.

    I want to do it, but I want to be able to hammer out such diagrams fast.
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    I do not.
    At least not on paper. How I visualize my plan/code is pretty flow chart-y, I suppose.
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    For uml flow diagrams I was using umlet.
    For database diagrams sql power architect.
    For graph diagrams graphviz -> dot
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    Those can be a very helpful part of documentation
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    For describing high level processes I pretty much appreciate making BPMN diagrams, because they make it straight to the point! Like, from A to B, from C to D, and so on.
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    Business process models for dealing with shareholders, they can understand a visual representation better then words, it's still high level but illustrates how key items and decisions fit together.

    Sequence diagram for going deeper for the team, makes it harder for devs to misunderstand how everything fits together. although we only do this when it's easy to get it wrong.

    MS Visio is my best friend, but these things can take days off your schedule but it's well worth the investment as you can align everyone involved with how things are going to work - especially if there are multiple shareholders involved.
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    I don't like UML / BPMN / ... - if it's just for me.

    I draw them for team sessions or exchange of knowledge.

    Unless it's larger / complicated stuff, I don't draw.

    Lots of hand written notices, as I'm faster with writing / drawing stuff then typing.

    Usually I'm the one who needs to turn the notices into a protocol / task / workflow, as such I draw / colorize while taking notes to visualize my thought process.

    I do the same when I'm coding and my gut feeling teels me that eg drawing a state machine / a process workflow / ... will spare me the misery of refactoring over and over again.

    Most of my notices look like someone pooped a rainbow. Don't know why, but my brain can process colors and pattern faster than text.
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    I do it all the time for personal clarification and because it's required.
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