Guys i need some help . Tldr : how to safely remove grub , dual boot and all the mess that comes with those?

I recently replaced my 1tb hard disk with 250gb ssd and kept the hard disk in caddy . The harddisk previously had both windows and Ubuntu installed in dual boot with grub and windows boot manager present in bios. And weirdly they all are still present.

Earlier the flow was

Bios>grub > choose either ubuntu or windows bootloader which will load windows(id say 1234) from hard disk

Now, somehow the flow is :
Bios >windows bootloader which will load the windows id 1234 from hard disk.

BUT THAT IS WRONG. I have got a seperate windows installed into ssd and i want the following flow :

Bios> windows bootloader which will load windows id 5678 from SSD.

I am guessing maybe if i format my complete hard disk this problem will go away but am not sure.

Any help/ comments?

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    Do you have an UEFI? If yes, there are tools for editing UEFI boot entries.

    If not, just change the default harddrive in your BIOS!? Alternatively you can tell Grub to redetect the operating systems installed.
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    @sbiewald i do have uefi. I don't need grub at all for this device. Let me check from the bios of option of changing hard drive is available
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    I've been there. It fucking sucks! Maybe refind can be of some help.
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    @2Large Check if the new Windows has registered itself into UEFI and than set it as first boot option (set your new windows first in your UEFI).

    Otherwise your UEFI should be able to just boot from a disk and read available boot options from the disk (set your ssd first in the boot order). This is also your way to go if Windows was installed in BIOS mode.
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    Did you do a grub reconfigure? That usually fixes issues like these for me
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    I was able to handle this by running some command in windows run command which opened a meu to remove grub from boot. afterwards i formatted the whole hard disk and now the system is loading only via the ssd. Maybe the uefi has gone corrupted or has automatically reconfigured itself, i have to check, but its currently working for me
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