The most fucked up part of a job search is to keep LinkedIn and your resume in sync.

I absolutely hate maintaining multiple profiles and constantly updating them to be in sync.

Even worse is, LinkedIn has more sections and broader information capturing capability and these MoFos want things in page resume.

UUgghhh.. this is so infuriating.

Fuck lazy dumbass HRs who have absolutely zero sense to process things.

They ask you to fill 100000s of forms and then immediately reject you without reading it because some irrelevant field did not match.

The industry is in bad messy state.

Has anyone tried website based resume? Like you put everything in one HTML page and just share the URL to those retards instead of constantly updating your .docx and converting it to .pdf and uploading it to hundreds of places?

I used to do that but it never worked. Maybe because I was a noob with no skills or experience but seriously want to go that route.

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    I'd never used LinkedIn or social media for finding a job.

    For me social media is the "non taboo" version of prostitution.

    A recruiter / pimp decides what suitor you might like... Except that he gives a fuck since he works on provision and will receive the provision in all cases.

    I tend more to platforms like 4Scotty / Stepstone / ... where you can do your own research and don't have a middle man.

    NorthData or similar platforms provide insight in company structure / finance.

    I look nation wide and pick what I like. Then research the company and If I like that, contact them.
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    @IntrusionCM and how do you deal with HRs of the company you like?
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    @F1973 I try to avoid it.

    When researching the company I try to find the head of IT / development and contact him / her directly.

    If I have to talk with HR, I usually insist on an interview eg by telephone. I decline filling out forms unless required for a work contract.

    It's simple: If most want to waste your time, remake the condition to focus on the few who value your time.
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    @IntrusionCM well that's easier said that done.

    I tried that and tbh I am in a field where I am not privileged enough have the market fluid enough to be in demanding position.

    Dev market is fast flowing. 100s quit everyday and 100s join. Hence, you can be picky.
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    The thing is... it is easy.

    The whole privilege thing is bullshit, honestly.

    I dunno maybe it is an American thingy - but for me HR is a red flag, especially in combination with lengthy forms and non verbal communication.

    I filter them. Fuck them....

    You define your own worth.

    Looking for a Job is really frustrating, but when you lower your own conditions to a certain point, you could be better of grilling patties for burger king / mc donalds / ....

    Companies with high HR regulations are looking for slaves with low payment.
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    @IntrusionCM while I agree to your last statement, it's more about supply demand.

    Devs have always been and will always be in high demand and low supply.

    For any other role, the ratio is skewed.
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    @F1973 I might miss an info here...

    What job are u looking for?

    While your statement is true...
    My statement is meant for all jobs.
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    @IntrusionCM I am looking for a Senior Product Manager role.

    It requires domain knowledge (which stands at primary filtering criteria) so that significantly reduces the options.
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    Why are you so hellbent on making it as pessimistic as possible?

    Yes. You're looking for a specific position, but selling yourself short won't improve your life.

    I was looking for something highly specific, too.

    I wanted an database centered position with the possibility of doing DevOps and project management.

    It took two months, and I moved 130 km's away from my home town, but I found it.

    I might have been lucky to define it in a pessimistic way.

    Realistically, I found a flat and moved in two weeks into a city with housing shortage... Which was quite nerve wracking.

    My message is: Don't sell yourself short, don't waste time and resources and especially: don't be afraid to make bold choices.
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    Has anyone ever found a job from a recruiter on LinkedIn?

    They contact me all the time but it’s shitty jobs.

    Like a PHP contract job for 4 months on a legacy medium sized application.

    One just contacted me for a UX designer position. I list no photoshop or any adobe products on my resume.

    Part of me wants to become a recruiter because I would know what skill sets they are needing and not waste anyone’s time.
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    @IntrusionCM You are right.

    I am playing the victim card and being pessimistic about my perspective.

    I totally get that message of should not sell less because if we do, we'll be used again.

    I am willing to move and I built my resume as per fancy keywords but at the same time I carry some solid skills for my field.

    I wouldn't deny that I get relative more calls and shortlisting as compared to my counterparts. But somehow I end up failing the interviews and shit thing about my country is people play the nepotism or reference game a lot.

    Preferential treatment or if you are from a branded institute you'll be valued more.

    That's the primary reason I want to move out to a country where things are bit more fair and equal.

    Hence, I'll raise the bar and earn some self respect in the job market.

    Thanks bro. Much much needed kick in the arse. I am grateful to you :)
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    @katbreitin so I once got a message from Google's HR. Didn't get back but have instances of people referring me and that way landed an interview at MS.

    HRs are dumb. They are very well aware of the skills and requirements. They just play the cold calling game and absolutely don't understand business.

    Think of them as sales. They are given a target and they have to close the position asap for which they'll do anything.

    They are absolute nut case with no empathy towards others.

    First rule of job hunt: skip or bypass HR and land into hiring manager's inbox. Your chances will significantly increase and you'll also avoid ton of competition and annoying HR discussions.
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    True, I did that to find my present job. I was gifted a free premium linkedin membership and saw him creeping on my profile and reached out. Also HR people seem to be the least literate people ever.

    Countless times when I worked at a large corporation they could not book the conference rooms correctly for interviews. Or book the hiring manager in one room and you in another.
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    @F1973 You're welcome.

    In the two months I started at the beginning pretty much the same...
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    @katbreitin one of my cousins is an HR. A nice human being but totally out of order.

    And it perfectly aligns with the definition of HR.

    I had the worst interview experience with MS.

    They dropped me a confirmation email 12 hours prior to interview allowing me no time for preparation.

    They sent 5/8 invites with overlapping time with different people.

    No of them joined. I had to call the HR and during run time they asked some random person to conduct the interview.

    And because they were late the call extended and next interviewer was pissed because he thought I was causing the delay and took out frustration on me and rejected me.

    Multiple friends had exact same experience.

    That company is total chaos.
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    @IntrusionCM I am looking forward to this and you'll be the first person to know when I join the new company :)
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    @F1973 I’m not sure how this will come across, but I didn’t like you much before you left. You make more sense now, are more open minded, and less adversarial. You’ve grown as a person.
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    @Root this feels sooo good to hear.

    I always admired you along with many others. I was known but now when I look back, I was surely in a phase between immature and mature.

    Yes, we interacted very less back then and these days we talk more. As much as I learned from you all, I feel great to have progressed in life.

    The difficulties humbled my ego and I stay closer to ground now.

    I had a similar response from C0D4 and I keep hearing this from many other irl and internet friends. So as long as we grow and adapt, we survive.

    I thank you for being patient with me.
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    I keep my LinkedIn profile up to date, i send the link to my profile as my cv, if they require a doc/pdf i copy and paste the linkedin stuff in a word template
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    @dontbeevil it would exceed 3 pages if I did that.
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    @F1973 just a bit of work and i manage to fit it in 2 pages
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    @dontbeevil Yes, I can fit easily in one and half page. I want to keep it strict to one page.
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    @F1973 is there a specific reason why one page?
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    @IntrusionCM most in my industry have it and even I like it fitted in one page. Simplicity.
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    @F1973 omg 1 page... I have no idea how to do it 🤣🤣🤣 i put lot of effort to squeeze from 5 to 2
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    There's a lot of controversy on that topic.

    I wouldn't exceed two pages, but 1 page is hard without leaving a lot of information out imho.
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    @IntrusionCM Agreed. It one page is nearly impossible but idiots all around have set a benchmark just like some unrealistic targets.
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    @F1973 don't put me on memory lane please.

    What some people sent via email as a serious job application was worth more than one lobotomy. *sigh*
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    @IntrusionCM We don't have a standard portal globally for job application. Everyone has their own mechanism and 1000000s of different portals.

    I assume it is safe to say that we have fucked the job and HR industry.
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    @F1973 oh yes.

    I handled the job application process for the first company I worked in.... And apprenticeship.

    And the mass of different styles and fuckity was hard to believe.

    The weirdest shit were PPTs (Power Point Presentation, YES) and emails which had > 20 attachments because some people were really that dumb to include everything as a single image.

    I did reading that stuff mostly at 16 o clock, alone in the office, with a few bottles of beer or very cold coffee with vodka.
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    WTF!!!! Who the fuck sends PPT as a resume and why would anyone think 20+ attachments are a good idea!!!

    This is not absurd but some serious questionable shit.

    Thankfully, I have been away from scanning resumes or anything that has got to do with hiring.

    LinkedIn has got a solid potential to standardise this thing along with a good business model too.

    And at the same time, provide recruiters a good pool of resources to pick talent from.

    I mean it's just perfect on how well they can align both the sides and make money on a global level.

    But well.. they are owned by Microsoft which is still fresh steaming shit and they are busy coping instagram stories and facebook reaction instead of delivering anything useful at all.
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    My friend just landed a job as an engineer at Intel. Very similar experience with HR.

    HR is the less tech compentent in any organization and they shouldn’t

    I have no idea why big corps don’t require more computer literacy and education.

    It would make our lives WAY easier if you work with internal clients.
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    @katbreitin I don't expect them to be technical but sensible.

    HRs are dumb.
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    Not technical but they could at least understand how to schdule a meeting correctly or set an out of office.
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    @katbreitin lol yes, being literate enough to communicate decently.
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