I lived alone for several years and I was fine. But living with a good person for a month and then them leaving feels like a machine stopped by just to punch a hole in your chest. Now you eat, walk, and sleep with that cringefest of an image.

If it was hard to focus at work then, it's even harder now. This lockdown is really pushing me. I've been feeling exhausted in the past few weeks and my lack of productivity is already making me feel all the disgusting emo shit.

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    @rutee07 It's you. Be strong. Here's a hug and a whip. Use it in whatever order you like.
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    Sending good vibes your way bro.

    If you need to talk or open up, HMU. I have been there, I understand. No judgement at all.
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    Love is an addiction. And you're currently in rehab. 😛 So yeah, it will take a while to quit.
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    @NoMad We didn't break up but he has to come back to his country and we'd be licking our phone screens long distance again. The hardest part is farting and not being able to accuse someone else of the farts.
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    @rutee07 I didn't say anything about a breakup. But your brain now has to do with very little of the endorphin and the dopamine and the oxytocin. You're officially in a rehab stage.
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    @rutee07 and ofc, the rehab of the farts 😜
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    @NoMad The rehab of the farts, indeed. It's the hardest fart. Ba dum tss!
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